News watch – December 2011

China decides to accept PM2.5 pollution indicator (by Guo Kai at Global Times 23 December 2011)
Hazard of PM2.5 (particles with a diameter less than 2.5 microns) is from toxic chemical substances absorbed by the particles

Experts call for 10% fat tax on soft drinks to prevent obesity (by Denis Campbell at The Guardian – 21 December 2011) – Authors of study, including government adviser, believe cutting consumption of sugary drinks would prompt healthier lifestyles

Tobacco firms misled public about additives (by Jeremy Laurance at The Independent – 21 December 2011) – New report claims cigarette giant Philip Morris obscured evidence of toxicity

China funding for tobacco control is inadequate (by Shan Juan at China Daily – 19 December 2011) – Government funding for tobacco control is far below what’s needed and much less than amounts provided in other countries

Junk food firms use internet to get around advertising ban (by Jonathan Owen at The Independent – 18 December 2011) – Children are being targeted online by manufacturers whose products fall foul of TV regulations

Faux-responsible environmental stewardship from sophisticated people who know better (by Harris Silver at Huffington Post – 5 December 2011) – The 75 year old, 74′ tall 10-ton Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree was located by helicopter and trucked into Manhattan to burn 1,297 KW a day

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