HK conscious communities

Doing good to feel good is a shortcut to balance when living a life in the fast lane … naturally.

conscious: aware of and responding to one’s surroundings; awake

The following list was prepared to celebrate 10 years of Green Drinks in Hong Kong. It was presented as a companion to our vision for Hong Kong and is provided as a guide to highlight the range of community organizations operating in Hong Kong over the past 10 years.

Follow the links to more details on the HK heartbeat directory and read our conscious community tips.

Note: Some of these details may be out of date and the contacts many have changed — let us know.

Follow the links to more details on the HK heartbeat directory.

air quality

Clean Air Network – CAN is a platform to mobilize public opinion by working with groups that have clean air projects and motivate others.

Clear the Air – Promoting the introduction and implementation of measures to significantly reduce Hong Kong air pollution

animal welfare

AACCA – AACCA is a fundraising alliance of established animal charities Hong Kong Dog Rescue (HKDR), Animals Asia and Stray Cats Home.

Animals Asia Foundation – Hong Kong-based charity dedicated to ending cruelty and restoring respect for all animals in Asia.

Companion Animal Foundation – Animal welfare charity founded to promote kindness and to reduce and prevent cruelty and abuse to companion animals

HK Alley Cat Watch – Rescuing and re-homing cats and kittens, raising awareness about responsible pet ownership

Hong Kong Animal Speak – School programs and medical funds for severely abused animals, on-line vet support and animal welfare information

Hong Kong Dog Rescue – Rescuing and rehoming stray, abandoned and surrendered dogs and puppies

Kirsten’s Zoo Charity – Homing dogs and cats in Hong Kong and hosting regular adoption events

Lantau Buffalo Association – Helping local residents and visitors understand the buffalo in their local habitat and help in their conservation

PALS (Protection of Animals Lantau South) – A small society of volunteers promoting and operating sterilization programs, providing medical assistance, rescuing and re-homing stray and abandoned animals

LAP Lifelong Animal Protection Charity – All-volunteer registered HK animal welfare charity operating a network of rescuers, foster homes and other volunteers helping homeless companion animals

SPCA (HK) – Promoting animal welfare with mainly volunteer support

STOP! Save HK’s Cats and Dogs – NGO generating awareness, education campaigns and a spay-and-neuter fund to stop the monthly killing of 2, homeless cats and dogs.

Stray Cats Home – A group of dedicated volunteers sharing ths same goal and vision of helping Hong Kong’s street cats through TNR (Trap, Neuter & Return) and giving them a loving home where possible.

Tai O Community Cattle Group – Caring for the safety of Lantau’s cattle from Tai O to San Shek Wan; making and fitting road safety collars

Tai O Home for Stray Cats – Group of volunteers in Tai O providing services for stray cats and services including neutering

Traffic East Asia – International organization with an aim to ensure that trade in wild plants and animals is not a threat to the conservation of nature

associations & societies

The Royal Geographical Society Hong Kong – Non profit making society hosts leading local and international speakers from the world of geography exploration, travel, research and conservation.

Slow Food – Local organization following the global slow food movement, partnering with local restaurants for slow food gatherings

Hong Kong Vegan Association – Regular meetings and sharing information on veganism/vegetarianism and local restaurants.

business community

Asian Institute of Intelligent Buildings – Independent and academic institute offering consultancy, research, reviews, feedback, advice and evaluations to the community and the government.

ASrIA – Association for Sustainable & Responsible Investment in Asia – Non profit, membership association promoting corporate responsibility and sustainable investment practice

Business Environment Council – The first Hong Kong based non-profit business association offering sustainable solutions; strategic development, baseline assessments, system development, conferences and training.

Harbour Business Forum – Business alliance launched in June 25 addressing concerns about how developments in and around Victoria Harbour impact the future development of Hong Kong

Civic Exchange – An independent, non-profit, public policy think tank

Community Business – Charity whose mission is to lead, inspire and support businesses to continually improve their positive impact on people and communities

The Energy Institute (Hong Kong Branch) – Advancing energy technology knowledge for professionals and practitioners working in energy related fields in Hong Kong and society at large

Global Institute For Tomorrow (GIFT) – Independent social venture think tank dedicated to advancing understanding of the impacts of globalization.

Green Council – Introducing and enhancing environmental awareness and consideration through education, training and events

Social Ventures Hong Kong – Venture philanthropic organization providing financial and non-financial support to social purpose organizations or social enterprises in Hong Kong

Institute of Energy – We are committed to the revitalizing work of securing our future by investigating and documenting emerging energy technology that is eco-sustaining.

Hong Kong Organic Resource Centre – Local certification body of organic products set up under the Agricultural Development Fund to facilitate the development of organic farming

Redress – Promoting environmental sustainability in Asia’s fashion industry with workshops, events, exhibitions and the EcoChic Design Award

SEED – Sustainable Ecological Ethical Development Foundation Ltd – By uniting resources from different sectors, we promote simple and sustainable lifestyle.

Synergy Social Ventures – Non-profit organization supporting entrepreneurial solutions to global problems by working with early-stage social ventures in Asia to create sustainable impact

children & families

Child Welfare Scheme – Caring for children’s lives and calling for improvement through education, health and kindness and through the empowerment of local communities

Christina Noble Children’s Foundation – Providing education, health care, social opportunities and vocational training to disadvantaged children that many of us take for granted

Hong Kong Jockey Club Riding Schools – Courses and activities for people of all ages to learn about horse riding, horse care and equestrian sports

Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation – Working with over 80,000 young people, schools and youth organizations, HK YAF presents exhibitions, performances, workshops and art tours.

KAREN Kids Society – A registered Hong Kong charity providing food, shelter and education for refugee children aged 1 months to 14 years old from Burma living in a camp in Thailand.

KELY Support Group – Local charity empowering young people to help themselves through the provision of peer support and positive contact with other young people

Kids4Kids – Empowering children and young people to take responsibility and providing opportunities to give in our local community

La Leche League Hong Kong – Providing support, encouragement and information to women who want to breastfeed; monthly meetings

Mothers’ Choice – Providing and promoting loving, nurturing care for babies and children needing permanent homes

The Newsbitt Centre – English speaking educational programs for adults with learning disabilities and a respite and residential facility to pursue independence and opportunities

PathFinders – Ensuring that the most vulnerable children born in Hong Kong and their migrant mothers are respected and protected

Shamching Youth Association – Green community activities, including volunteer service, leadership training, youth missions, cultural exchanges between Hong Kong and students, seminars, outdoor Tiyuhuodong, song and dance show and a variety of team activities

HK Single Parents – Social support and resources for single parents in Hong Kong

HK Society for the Protection of Children – Providing care, education and resources for the social development of children and families


The Conservancy Association – Founded in 1968 to champion sustainable development, the protection of the environment and the conservation of natural and cultural heritage

DB Green – A grass roots green group making Disvovery Bay greener with beach cleanups, tree planting and recycling activities

Eco-Environment Conservation & Education Association – Promoting environmental protection awareness among rural residents and encouraging them to live harmoniously with nature while preserving our natural resources

Friends of Hoi Ha (FOHH) – Organizing local conservation activities and education programs to raise awareness and take a lead in protecting the ecosystem in Hoi Ha

Greeners Action – Founded in 1993, we promote awareness to treasure natural resources and provide green life education for a new green generation.

Green Glass Green – Reducing the amount of the waste glass dumped at landfills by returning glass with the natural value it deserves through volunteer collection programs and public awareness campaigns and compiling a glass recycling resource book for green/social advocates

Green Lantau Association (GLA) – A registered society formed in 1989 whose mission is to protect and educate people about the natural environment of Lantau Island

Green Power – Founded in 1988 by a group of volunteers concerned about local environmental affairs and problems; promoting environmental education

Greenpeace China – Promoting responsible solutions to the environment, including scientific and technological innovations, to protect the earth, the environment and life diversity

Green Peng Chau Association – The GPCA integrates through its Green Cultural Island Program, sustainable development concepts like waste reduction, eco-tourism, education and organic farming.

HK’s Cleanup Crew – A relaxed group for those who care about Hong Kong coming together once every 4-6 weeks to clean up trash

Hong Kong Environmental Protection Association – NGO engages in conservative environment programs to sustain the natural and original ecosystem of Hong Kong with its local characteristics.

HK Perma Club – Using ecological design principles to improve and promote clean air, clean food and a healthy sustainable lifestyle

Living Islands Movement – A South Lantau based community organization that promotes sustainable islands development

Living Lamma – Established to address the degradation of natural beauty and village character; concrete, metal fences, construction waste dumping on agricultural land

The Nature Conservancy – Global conservation organization working to protect ecologically important lands and waters that sustain all life on earth.

Produce Green Foundation – Non-profit charitable organization established in 1988 by a group of local enthusiasts concerned about modern farming and the environment

Save Aberdeen Harbour Alliance – Uniting people committed to creating sustainable solutions to tons of rubbish thrown into the waters and carried out to sea

Tai Po Environmental Association – Non-profit to attend to local enviromental issues, to conserve and improve the environment with conferences, eco-tours, training camps. competitions and training

Teng Hoi Conservation Association – Non-profit developing programs linked to the environment and education to encourage participation and interest while providing measurable results

creative expression

The Fringe Club – A not-for-profit community organization with two studio theatres, exhibition areas, pottery workshop, a rehearsal studio, restaurant, bars and roof garden

Hong Kong Arts Centre – Arts and culture incubator offering a wide range of programs; cinema, theatres, galleries, classrooms, studios and restaurants

JCCAC Arts Village – Fostering arts in the community by offering a creative environment for artists and organizing public activities

MIA (Mere Independent Artists) – Non-profit organization founded by a group of artists and art administrators to promote contemporary art through art-related projects and events

Para Site – Non-profit art organization established to produce, exhibit and communicate local and international contemporary art

Yama Foundation – A non-profit organization making yoga, art and meditation accessible to everyone, including those with chronic illness, disabilities and special needs

culture & heritage

Asian Cultural Council – Supporting transformative cultural exchange between the United States and Asia through unique visual and performing arts and humanities projects

Asia Society Hong Kong – Non-profit, NGO dedicated to fostering understanding of the countries and cultures of Asia

Heritage Hong Kong – Non-profit conservation group promoting social enterprise development projects benefiting both employees and customers with both parties coming from local community

events & gatherings

CleanTuesday – Gathering green economy entrepreneurs, investors and enthusiasts with the latest innovations

Green Drinks – Open networking for anyone interested in environmental and social issues, sustainable development and CSR; usually second Wednesday each month

Hong Kong Philosophy Café – Free, public, informal, philosophical discussions – Kowloon, Fringe, Lamma, French, Chinese Branches

TEDx Hong Kong – Engaging the people of Hong Kong and challenging conventional wisdom through creative action with motivational, intellectual and entertaining experiences

families services

Birthday Happiness – Charity aimed raising self-esteem and creating a feeling of self-awareness and confidence for children in need by hosting birthday parties.

Children’s Cancer Foundation – A group of nurses, doctors and parents improving the quality of life for young cancer patients and their families in caring for their physical, psychological and social well-being

food waste

Feeding Hong Kong – Registered charity with a mission to reduce hunger along with amount of quality food being sent to Hong Kong landfills

Food Angel – Rescuing edible surplus food that would be disposed of as waste, preparing nutritious hot meals and redistributing to underprivileged communities

Food Grace – Food recovery organization aiming to help workers improve their situation through education and training with employment support services

Foodlink – Registered Hong Kong charity dedicated to addressing hunger while simultaneously reducing food wastage; founded in 21 and registered in 21

global charities

Amnesty International – Nonprofit human rights education programs include police training, school talks and workshops, exhibitions and the annual Human Rights Press Awards for journalists

Conservation International – Hong Kong – Protecting nature for the benefit of everyone on earth for more than 25 years

Friends of the Earth – Catalyzing the community environmental debate and shaping policy change

Forest Stewardship Council – Independent, non-governmental, not-for-profit organization established to promote the responsible management of the world’s forests

Hagar International – International organization dedicated to recovery of extreme human rights abuses, particularly human trafficking, gender-based violence and sexual exploitation

Habitat for Humanity – International non-profit organization building simple and comfortable homes for the needy with the help of homeowner families and local volunteers

Medecins Sans Frontiers – International medical humanitarian aid organization founded by doctors and journalists providing emergency medical aid to people affected by armed conflict

Operation Smile – Accredited medical and non-medical volunteer teams from around the world who travel to treat children with cleft lip and palate

Orbis – Providing tools, training and technology for local doctors and health care professionals to develop lasting solutions for avoidable blindness

Oxfam Hong Kong – Independent international development and humanitarian organization working against poverty and related injustice

PETA Asia – Animal rights organization operating under the principle that animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, or use for entertainment.

Peace International Foundation – Non-sectarian, non-political and not-for-profit organization promoting peace by breaking down the boundaries of race, religion, culture and politics

Hong Kong Red Cross – Offering impartial and voluntary aid to help improve the lives of vulnerable people

Room to Read – Literacy and gender equality in education; developing reading habits among primary school children and supporting girls to complete secondary school

ShelterBox HK – Providing emergency shelter and lifesaving supplies for families around the world who are affected by disasters at the time when they need it the most

WWF Hong Kong – Mission to stop and eventually reverse the accelerating degradation of our natural environment and to help build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature

groups & meetups

HK Exlorers Initiative – Encouraging people to get outside and appreciate the city’s wild side; supported by the National Geographic Society

The Hong Kong Gardening Society – Our members share information and visit private and public gardens, experimental farms, wholesale markets and specialist garden centres.

Hong Kong Hiking – Active hiking group with more than 1 hikes a week open to anyone of all abilities from novices to semi-professional

Hong Kong UFO Club – Sharing information, hosting speakers and discussions

Hong Kong Cycling Alliance – Volunteer group working to make Hong Kong a more bike-friendly city by encouraging government reform of cycling policies

Meat Free Hong Kong – Group of Cantonese and English speakers holding regular gatherings at various locations in Hong Kong to share herbivorous vegan food and discussion

Crossroads International – A non-profit organization serving a global need to link those who are in need with those who can provide help

Fair Trade Hong Kong – Promoting fair trade to alleviate poverty, reduce inequality and contribute to a sustainable future, ensuring producers receive their fair share

GoVeg Club – Collaborating to organize activities including gathering at veg restaurants, travel and entertainment, sharing our multi-cultural members

Green Living Education Foundation – Found in 24 to restore natural wisdom and recognition of our basic responsibilities as global citizens

Green Monday Hong Kong – Group of HK organizations and individuals committed to reduce carbon emissions and lessen our individual impact on the environment

Hong Kong Culture Heritage Studies and Promotion Association – A non-profit organization dedicated to promoting all aspects of Hong Kong cultural heritage studies

Hong Kong Vegetarian Society – Meetings and discussions open to anyone interested in exploring vegetarian options

Hush The Bus – Registered Society formed by concerned residents fed up with noise pollution on franchised buses aiming to minimize passenger annoyance from broadcasting.

Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots – Education program founded by Dr Jane Goodall empowering young people to care for the environment, community and animals through action

marine protection

BLOOM Association – Non-profit organization created in 24 to protect the oceans by informing the public and educating people about sustainability

Eco Marine – We are promoting local marine awareness and offering marine education and research programs in Hong Kong.

HK Cleanup – Organizing regular cleanups, increasing awareness of importance of communities and advocating for change in public policy related to waste management

Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation Society – Dedicated to the conservation of whales, dolphins and porpoises of Hong Kong

Shark Rescue – Our goal is to see Hong Kong become the leader in ocean conservation by the year 22.

Living Seas – Seeking implementation of sustainable policies and programs to ensure recreational, commercial and environmental vitality of Hong Kong’s marine ecosystem

Naked Islands Project – Raising awareness about the growing concern over the environmental and health issues around waste management in Hong Kong

Ocean Recovery Alliance – Bringing together new technologies, solutions, ideas and projects to help with issues that negatively impact the health of the ocean

Plastic-free Seas – Hong Kong based non-profit changing in the way we view and use plastics in society today; education and action campaigns

Sea Shepherd Global – Non government anti-poaching law enforcement agency that aims to defend, conserve and protect marine species and habitats.

HK Shark Foundation – A registered Hong Kong charity dedicated to marine conservation; part of MyOcean.


The Art of Living Foundation Hong Kong – Educational service non-profit organization founded by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar to provide the Art of Living Course

Hong Kong Insight Meditation Society – HK registered charity offering Vipassana meditation; mindfulness lectures, weekly meditations in Central and Kowloon; regular monthly retreats on Lantau Island

Kadampa Meditation Centre Hong Kong – Non-profit organization with meditation and Buddhism practical studies programs for all levels of interest and experience

Osho Information Center Hong Kong – Meditation activities and groups; books and meditative music/discourse CDs by Osho

Raja Yoga Meditation Centre – Meditation course, positive thinking, creative thinking, self esteem, stress management talks, workshops; all free

Siddhartha’s Intent – Public teaching on buddhism

Hong Kong Vipassana Meditation Centre – Courses in Vipassana Meditation in the tradition of Sayagyi U Ba Khin as taught by S.N. Goenka and his Assistant Teachers

personal support

Alcoholics Anonymous – Support and meetings for alcoholics with groups throughout HK; our purpose is to stay sober and help others achieve sobriety.

Adult Children Anonymous – For anyone who grew up in the confusion of a dysfunctional or alcoholic family, ACA offers meetings, workshops, library; Monday meetings 6:3-7:45pm

Overeaters Anonymous – Support and meetings for anyone with a problem with food or weight; no dues or fees or membership

planning & development

Alliance For a Beautiful Hong Kong – Promoting aesthetic values and the integrity of the natural environment in urban and rural public areas of Hong Kong

Central & Western Concern Group – Advocates of balanced urban planning and heritage conservation in Hong Kong

Designing Hong Kong Harbour District – The objective of Designing Hong Kong Harbour District is consensus building among government, business and civic sectors on sustainable planning for the Harbour District.

Friends of the Harbour – A non-profit making group formed to preserve and promote Victoria Harbour – a valuable asset and the natural heritage of the people of Hong Kong

Hong Kong Design Centre – Non-profit organization helping local designers and businesses by promoting greater appreciation of the ways design contributes to quality of life.

Society for Protection of the Harbour – Non-political and non-profit making environmental organization aimed at protecting our Victoria Harbour from destruction through excessive reclamation

Designing Hong Kong – Local non-profit focused on sustainable urban planning

rights & protection

AIDS Concern Hong Kong – Nonprofit NGO supports and facilitates community-participation in the planning and delivery of AIDS prevention and care services

Liberty Asia – Anti-slavery project to prevent human trafficking through legal advocacy, technological interventions, and strategic collaborations with NGOs and corporations in Asia

The Mekong Club – Raising awareness of the business of slavery in Asia to eradicate forced labor and save victims of sex slavery

Action for REACH OUT – Advocacy and drop-in centre with classes on legal rights, HIV/AIDS awareness, money management and other employment skills for CSI workers

Society for Community Organization (SoCO) – Human rights pioneer in Hong Kong nurturing a sense of civic rights through civic education programs and social actions

A Drop of Life – Providing disaster relief and poverty alleviation; visiting and distributing supplies to elderly and disadvantaged in Hong Kong

social welfare

Bo Charity Foundation Limited – Conserving the environment and caring for underprivileged communities, reducing food waste, alleviating hunger and poverty in Hong Kong

China Hands United – Hong Kong based not-for-profit organization exploring feasible, long term and self-sustainable solutions to promote steadfast prosperity in China’s rural countryside

Fu Hong Organization – Training, education and employment opportunities for people with disabilities; public talks, fundraising; mail processing, simple printing, cleaning, pest control services

Hong Kong Women Development Association Limited – Established to create self-confidence, self-esteem, self-reliance, self-reliance and advancement of women; women and children’s rights; advocacy services, promoting women’s work

impactHK – Creating events to perform good acts for individuals in need with 1% of everything raised going to the cause

LEAP – Life Education Activity Programme – Working in partnership with schools, teachers, parents, government and agencies to prevent substance abuse; providing positive health-based education programs

Samaritans – 24-hour confidential emotional support and monthly meeting for people in need of emotional support or to discuss suicidal thoughts

St James Settlement – Providing community support for children, youth, families, elderly and mentally disabled including residential care, food bank and home maintenance services

St John Ambulance – Hong Kong – First aid and ambulance services in emergency, dental care for the handicapped and courses on First Aid and Home Nursing for the general public

Suicide Prevention Services – Self-financed operation providing volunteer support to people in emotional distress since 1995

Tuen Mun District Woman’s Association Limited – Creating employment opportunities for women; providing social services including development and support of women, elderly care, youth and child development

The Salvation Army – International Christian charity serving families facing crisis, disadvantaged elders, children and youth, people with disabilities, marginalized minorities and disaster survivors

volunteer agencies

HandsOn Hong Kong – Registered charity volunteer network mobilizing and empowering our community to meet pressing social needs in Hong Kong through volunteer services

Ho-Sum – Online meeting place for charities and volunteers

Volunteer Space – Fostering programs for orphans and abandoned children.

yoga resources

International Yoga Institute – Hatha and Ashtanga yoga classes for beginner and intermediate level

Hong Kong Karma Yoga – Organizing local yoga events in support of local charities

Namaskar – Free quarterly magazine for yoga practitioners published by volunteers to share knowledge, learning and experience