Tips for your conscious community

In the simplest of terms, conscious community is a collaboration between individuals with a shared world view who enter decisions and take actions from a place of awareness.

Participants take a holistic approach to assessments and consider all of the impacts (internal and external) and all of the outcomes (internal and external) to determine the most efficient and effective approach for engagement. Beginning with a clear intention, steps are taken to ensure a positive impact on individuals, organizations, society and the natural ecosystems to achieve the desired outcome.

In the social sense, conscious communities are formed around shared interests for personal and community growth and development. In the business sense, conscious community can be developed within teams and across organizations to align corporate decision making with social responsibility.

Community organizing tips

– Be clear about your intention
– Maintain offline contact lists
– Thank your supporters regularly
– Use digital resources like MeetUp
– Create volunteer job descriptions
– Organize work parties for one-off tasks
– Make and share a list of stuff you need
– Build relationships with the media
– Establish business partnerships
– Communicate consistently
– Honor personal privacy

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Author: Kinzie

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