Breathe easy indoors

High-rise living and windows kept closed to keep out noise pollution add to the lack of ventilation.

It’s time to clean up our living space and give our immune systems a break.

With the rise of remote work and the arrival of home isolation, our members are here to help you breathe easier with clean air at home and in the office … naturally.

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Alen Corp Asia – Air purifiers, home filtration packages and odor removal sprays


Calcite Indoor Environmental Services Ltd – Project design and consulting for R-2000 energy efficient buildings and healthy homes, indoor air quality projects; household appliances and products

Kenlice (Hong Kong) Ltd – Canadian-made Amaircare True-HEPA air filtration system; Hygienitech mattress and carpet cleaning system eliminates dustmites, bacteria and other allergy causing substances

Oxyvital International Ltd – Medical quality air solutions to naturally and safely purify indoor air to WHO standards, removing particulate, microorganic and gaseous pollutants

Hong Kong research reveals indoor air quality that is nearly twice as bad as street-side in Hong Kong. The main culprits are cleaning products and cooking fumes while perfumes, deodorants and scented candles add to the toxic mix along with fumes released from mold, pet hair, pollen and other allergens. The situation is aggravated by high-rise living, a lack of ventilation in some rooms with many windows kept closed to keep out noise pollution.

“Pollutant levels up to 1,250 per cent higher indoors than outdoors, and PM2.5 fine-particle pollution worse than beside some of the city’s busiest roads, research by Baptist University finds.” SCMP

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