The next twenty

It’s time to get sustainable.

It’s our 20th birthday and my gift to everyone is the decision to make HK heartbeat sustainable.

Running HK heartbeat is a labour of love.

This is my passion and it takes loads of effort and energy and experience to handle everything on my own, gaining new coding and design and production skills and making new friends along the way.

To celebrate my birthday last month, I launched a fundraising campaign to transform heartbeat into a sustainable business.

Whether you are a long-time reader or relatively new member or a friend of mine, please support heartbeat with a contribution or get in touch to talk about corporate sponsorship.

I have relied on my consulting work to cover the overheads and your contribution will provide access to the resources (and assistance) required to serve the network and meet growing demand.

Sparked by my 9/11 email and launched that October, heartbeat now reaches 812 weekly subscribers, 1,112 daily website visitors (hundreds of  calendar events and 1,968 directory listings) and thousands of social media followers in addition to 45,000 free copies of five print publications promoting community service and holistic wellness.

With everything happening in our world right now, the argument for natural products and services with a positive impact and zero waste has never been stronger. Going green is a growing trend and spotting the fakes is a job I could never have imagined back in 2001 but it’s becoming a real time sink for many.

From what I’ve witnessed over these many moons, I believe our planet is ready for less stress and more balance. It will be great for the next 20 years to be easier than the last twenty.

Thank you for your time and thank you for supporting heartbeat.

I am very resourceful and no amount is too large or too small.


Kinzie -- the one and only

HK heartbeat -- the natural network
Help make heartbeat sustainable.
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  • Save online fees with a direct deposit to our bank account
  • Sign up for a personal membership (monthly/annual)
  • Promote your company with business membership
  • Get in touch to discuss a corporate sponsorship
Deposit to our HSBC bank account.

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HK heartbeat -- the natural network

Great to know other people passionate about natural and sustainable living in Hong Kong” Christine Loh


Support Hong Kong’s original natural lifestyle resource and thousands of volunteers in our Social Sponsorship Program. Members engage with our diverse community, promote businesses and stay in touch with what’s new and what’s on in our Hong Kong natural network.

HK heartbeat -- the natural network
The Monthly Target

20 Angel memberships
3 ListedPlus business memberships
1 SME business membership

HK heartbeat -- the natural network

The Plan

The achievement of each milestone will signal the beginning of the next phase.

Phase one involves covering all existing overdue bills and overdue rent to secure a new lease. The development budget includes business overheads, production costs, new equipment and contracting help.

Phase One —  $38,800/month

– Running costs (rent, overheads, etc)

– Business development (meetings, etc)

Phase Two —  $88,800/month

– Programmers, designers, writers

– Office equipment (computer, copier, etc)

Phase Three —  $128,800/month

– Re-launch Natural HK mini-guides (free/print – quarterly)

– Release Natural Hong Kong – the heartbeat directory (retail/print)

– Host a series of launch events with the release of each new publication.

HK heartbeat -- the natural network

Support the crowdfunding campaign by deposit to HSBC 400-527057-838 (Connections Un Limited).

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HK heartbeat -- the natural network
Full disclosure

Bank deposits and payments are available on request any time.

Contributions can be made via deposit to the bank account or get in touch to have a conversation about financial backing and business project partnerships or business membership options.

HK heartbeat -- the natural network

100% of all fees go towards producing community resources and promoting social campaigns for our members.

HK heartbeat -- the natural network

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HK heartbeat -- the natural network

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Author: Kinzie

Founder of the heartbeat natural network