The 2022 calendar

Plan ahead … naturally

SARS-CoV-2 will be with us for a while and we are grateful to our neighbors for continuing to encourage each other to follow local public health guidelines, socialize in pods and gather online when it makes sense. It’s not over for us until its over for everyone.

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Updated: 01-Jan-22


1 New Year’s Day

3 (2:33am) New Moon

7-9 (10am-8pm) FarmFest

18 (7:48am) Full Moon

21 Green Power Hike


1 Chinese Lunar New Year’s Day

1 (1:46pm) New Moon

2 Second day of Chinese Lunar New Year

3 Third day of Chinese Lunar New Year

14 Valentine’s Day

15 Spring Lantern Festival

17 (12:56am) Full Moon


3 (1:34pm) New Moon

8 Healthy Hike and Run

18 (3:17pm) Full Moon

22 World Water Day

26 (8:30pm) Earth Hour


1 (2:24pm) New Moon

5 Ching Ming Festival

15 Good Friday

16 The day following Good Friday

17 Easter Sunday

17 (2:55pm) Full Moon

18 Easter Monday

22 Earth Day


1 Labour Day

1 (4:28am) New Moon

2 World Laughter Day

8 Buddha’s Birthday

9 The day following Buddha’s Birthday

16 (12:14pm) Full Moon

30 (7:30pm) New Moon


3 Tung Ng (Dragon Boat) Festival

5 World Environment Day

8 World Oceans Day

14 (7:51pm) Full Moon

21 Father’s Day

29 (10:52pm) New Moon


1 HKSAR Establishment Day

14 (2:37pm) Full Moon

11 World Population Day

29 (1:54pm) New moon

30 World Friendship Day


19 World Humanitarian Day

12 (9:35pm) Full Moon

27 (4:17pm) New Moon


10 (5:59pm) Full Moon

11 Mid-Autumn Festival

12 The day following Mid-Autumn Festival

26 (5:54am) New Moon

29 World Heart Day


1 National Day

4 Chung Yeung Festival

10 (5:54am) Full Moon

16 World Food Day

26 (6:48pm) New Moon


1 World Vegan Day

8 (7:02pm) Full  Moon

24 (6:57am) New Moon


5 World Soil Day

5 International Volunteer Day

8 (12:08pm) Full Moon

23 (6:16pm) New Moon

25 Christmas Day

26 The first weekday after Christmas Day

27 The second weekday after Christmas Day

31 New Year’s Eve

Schedules are subject to change without notice. We do our best to include contact details so you can get in touch with the organizer and re-confirm event details.

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