Setting Intentions

New beginnings are the perfect time for setting intentions. Here is a simple and effective exercise you can complete on New Years Day or the full moon or the new moon or your birthday or any time you’d like to re-connect with what is truly important in your life. Read through the instructions before you begin and give yourself plenty of time without distractions.

You will need your journal or some paper and nine tea light candles.

Arrange the candles in the following order:

    2    3    4

    3    1    5

    7    8    9

1 – The balanced you
2 – Your financial state or affairs
3 – Your fame and reputation
4 – Marriage and/or romance
5 – Your family and health
6 – Creativity and/or children
7 – Personal projects, goals or spiritual endeavours
8 – Your career, talents and abilities and work
9 – Travel and meeting important people

Write briefly in your journal about how your balance was last year and how you would like it to be this coming year. Then light candle 1. The lighting of the candle is putting the intention out to the Universe and God/Buddha. Then move onto 2 and continue on through all the numbers.

You can do this alone or with someone special.

Let the candles burn out completely.

Repeat as desired.


Author: Kinzie

Founder of HK heartbeat - serving Hong Kong since 2001 ... naturally