Italy earthquake relief efforts

At times like this, we are reminded of our global community in Hong Kong and we would like to take a moment and send our love to Italy.

From The Italian Women’s Association:

The earthquake that struck central Italy at 3:36 am on August 24th has shocked not only the earth but also our hearts.

We want to respond and live up to not only the mission statement of this Association but also to the number of members who have contacted us to contribute to the disaster relief, despite the distance.

To support those affected by the devastating earthquake you may transfer donations to HSBC 511-644627-001 The Italian Women’s Association quoting “Italian Earthquake”.

All proceeds of the donations collected will be donated to the Italian Department of Civil Protection and the Italian Red Cross.

It is in times like these that the Italian community shows that its generosity knows no boundaries.

Photo : Carl Court/Getty Images