Hike for Hong Kong

Hike or run the hills of Lantau Island to promote conservation with nine different virtual events ranging from a 2km walk to a 100km endurance race.

November is a month of action. “I randomly said one day that I want to finish a 100KM trail running route on Lantau Island to raise funds or (more…)

Make a gesture of kindness

We are often asked how to help when you see a homeless person so we made these cards to make it easy for anyone to make a kind gesture.

We are often asked how to help when you see a homeless person. Take a moment to acknowledge that right now there are hundreds of homeless individuals living (more…)

Space for dolphins

We need to secure a future for the Chinese white dolphin.

The Pearl River Delta is home to what’s likely the world’s largest population of Chinese white dolphins (Sousa chinensis). The population is rapidly declining due to human activity (more…)

Walk Central

The 2000 proposal calls for a green “tram and pedestrian precinct” on Des Voeux Road Central between Pedder Street and Morrison Street.

We are calling our members, including Civic Exchange, Designing Hong Kong, Clean Air Network and other NGOs focused on natural life in the fast lane, to support a (more…)



Care for others. During the COVID-19 outbreak, it is essential to practice physical distancing and to wear a mask to prevent the spread of germs when 6 feet (more…)