Spirit of the holidays

This week we send happy holiday wishes.

Wherever you are this special season,
be present to every little thing around you.

Send loving thoughts to those who have less
and pray they will find their own peaceful moment.

Invite yourself to consider the many spiritual options
regardless of your own religious practice or world view.

Take a few quiet moments to reflect with gratitude,
on happiness and joy that is only just a thought away.

Be silly and crazy and play with some children
to remember just how simple our life really is.

Indulge without regrets in all your heart desires
and nurture yourself like you know you deserve.

Switch off the phones and the computers and handhelds,
and take a serious break from the daily routine of your life.

Connect with nature’s abundance, whatever she brings
whether lots of sunshine or clouds or snow or rain or sky.

The stars and the butterflies and the trees and the birds
are reminding us of the natural rhythms and cycles of life.

How will you create a peaceful vacation ?


Listen to your own heartbeat.

Author: Kinzie

Founder of the heartbeat natural network