Lots of people are travelling but a lot is happening in our little world city.

A quick glance at the calendar illustrates the growing local popularity of mindfulnessmeditation and spirit. Traditional practices from the east imported by the west are finding their place in daily life everywhere.

However it is packaged — stress-management, performance skills, tarot, channels, psychics, angels, saints, ancestors, guides, masters — these tools help us develop the intuition we are born with. This is a welcome change from recent times when personal growth and economic growth were at odds.

More businesses making the connection between health of humans and a healthy bottom line are hiring in-house wellness professionals, yoga teachers and life coaches to care for their most valuable assets.

Whether we are working in a corporation, running our own business, nurturing a family, teaching tomorrow’s leaders, studying or freelance contracting, we can learn to pay closer attention to what’s going on around us and what’s going on within us to begin making more conscious choices every day.

What do you do to stay awake in your world?


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“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” -Theodore Roosevelt

The heartbeat marketplace

Natural & Organic Products Asia

Business the natural way – August 27-29 at HKCEC

Natural & Organic Products Asia is a new business event for the natural and organic industry to engage and promote natural, sustainable and healthy lifestyles, natural and organic products. Following years of success running the flagship exhibition & conference Natural & Organic Products Europe and the award winning Natural Products Scandinavia, the Asian edition debuts in Hong Kong to facilitate continued growth of the natural and organic industry in Asia. The event is a regional trade platform with more than 100 local and international exhibitors connecting with buyers from around the region. Special event highlights include The Organic Kitchen, The Wellness Theatre, The Natural Beauty Studio, New Product Showcase and The Natural & Organic Products Asia Awards. 5,000 industry professionals are expected to attend.

ORGANIZER : Diversified Communications
ENQUIRIES : Ivy Lau | TEL : +852 3105 3975

Workshop: Rising of the Phoenix

Amara Tia Ann visits Hong Kong in September

As an extension of spirit, the true nature of the human potential is joy of being. This innate ability to constantly be and create joy was forgotten by mankind along with the fall of consciousness eons of years ago. Facilitated and channeled by spiritual teacher Amara Tia Ann, Rising of The Phoenix – Awakening Your Golden Light Body of Joy is a roadmap to becoming joy. Amara Tia began serving as a professional energy healer and channel in 2004. Her work is recommended by world renowned spiritual teacher Judy Satori. Earth is currently transiting to a higher energy frequency, presenting a golden opportunity for mankind to remember the joy within.

ORGANIZER : Karma Consultants
WEBSITE : | QUICK LINK : Click here for details

Yoga & Mindfulness with Angus Ford-Robertson

Essential skills for well-being – HK workshops 28-30 November

Angus created a special program for his first Hong Kong visit. Day 1 Bioenergetics explores the body-mind practice to release chronic muscular tensions, connect with buried emotions and expand capacity for intimacy. Day 2 Mindfulness covers key skills of mindfulness, including the body scan, mindful breathing, mindful movement and the essentials of the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction courses that Angus currently teaches to the UK National Health Service. Day 3 Mindful Communication focuses on communicating clearly, honestly and fearlessly without manipulation to prevent conflict in everyday situations from the boardroom to the bedroom, based on Non Violent Communication by Marshall Rosenburg.

ENQUIRIES : Charlotte Douglas | TEL : +852 6680 0340
EMAIL : | REGISTER : booking form
WEBSITE : | FACEBOOK : Click for details
QUICK LINK : Click for details

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The heartbeat calendar

Natural events in Hong Kong this summer

July 23 (8:30am-5:30pm) > Hong Kong, China and the World
July 23 (2:30-4:30pm) > Spiritual Aromatherapy Workshop
July 24 (7-9pm) > Spiritual Awareness Circle
July 24 (7-10pm) > The Mayan Calendar
July 25-27 > Awakening of Love
July 26 (10am-7pm) > Enneagram Workshop
July 26 (2:30-4pm) > Jin Shin Jyutsu
July 28 (6:45-8:45pm) > Personal Care with Essential Oils
July 28 (7:30pm) > Meat Free Hong Kong Monday
July 29 (12-2pm) > Sustainable Waste Management Strategy
July 30 (10am-4:30pm) > Summer Film Camp for Kids
July 30 (7:15-8:30pm) > Alternative Therapy
August 2 (2-6pm) > The Journey to Self
August 4 (7:30-8:45PM) > Guided Meditation Evening
August 18 (6:30-8:30pm) > Curb your Cravings
August 18 (7:30-8:45pm) > 5Rhythms®
August 20 (10am-6pm) > Emergency First Aid and CPR for Adults & Children
August 21 (7-9pm) > Total Living
August 27-29 (10am-5pm) > Natural & Organic Products Asia

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The heartbeat directory

Fresh listings on the website for natural choices

Kay Ross – Bodywork for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health
Tse Qigong Healing Centre – Energy healing and training for health and fitness
Mani Healing – Readings, workshops, meditations and healing attunements
Namaskar – Free magazine for yoga practitioners sharing knowledge
Donna Gee – Registered Physiotherapist, Postural Rehabilitation Specialist
The Sanctuary Resort – Spa & wellness centre, healing therapies, yoga, meditation
The Yoga Room – Hatha, Ashtanga, yoga kids, prenatal, pilates and meditation
Nia Hong Kong – Body-mind movement practice blending East and West traditions
Life Origin – Healing arts and emotional healing with somatic psychotherapy
Light Radiant Food – International vegetarian and vegan dishes, organic ingredients

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Fresh Choices – a heartbeat mini-guide

Promote your products and services to people who care

Our print mini-guides are designed for people on the move with fresh contacts and connections for everything natural in Hong Kong. Printed on our signature raw-paper, the convenient format fits in your bag or briefcase for easy reference everywhere. Fresh Choices HK features current content for natural choices every day, including popular products, tips and tricks, upcoming events and contact details for natural lifestyle businesses and professionals in Hong Kong. Free copies are circulated to our networks and posted to personal members. Listings and display advertising available for natural products, services and programs. Contact us to find out how you can get listed.

Fresh Choices will be released in August – click here for details.

Fresh content and connections for natural choices every day

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