Thinking little

This week, we are thinking little.

In my former life as a television executive, I remember a conversation with the international programming directors at Discovery Networks and the National Geographic Channel at the ’96 Cannes TV exhibition. We we were having a discussion what makes a documentary popular.

They looked at each other and smiled: 4 legs good, 2 legs not good.

Apparently, it was no secret that viewers are far more interested in learning about animals than about people. It was true long before social media and the multitude of viral cat videos proves some things don’t change.

So, it doesn’t make sense that we don’t take proper care of them.

With an inability to speak human, all other species are at the mercy of our (often ruthless) decisions that determine what growth will look like.

Our desire to put commercial expansion ahead of natural ecosystems simply does not compute. Local developers have now set their sites on long abandoned agricultural land throughout Hong Kong.

Vulnerable and wetlands ecosystems are being senselessly destroyed as I write.

The Lantau plans keep cropping up and this week the AFCD are inviting a select few to hear about their new round of relocation plans for the local cattle and buffalo herds in preparation for the new urban invasion.

We remember what happened when they moved the cattle and we still feel the pain of the 2007 buffalo relocation project that killed 16 of the 17 animals when they tranquilized the gentle beasts and stacked them on top of each other in the back of a truck.

These incidents clearly illustrate the priority of some of our local decision makers.

We must realize that everything is connected. Protecting our remaining natural habitat can prevent future health issues.

When prevention fails, we are left with a mess. With all the popupcleanups this summer, we are developing a new relationship with plastic, including the microplastics in our beauty products. When we learn that fish eat plastic like teenagers eat fast food, perhaps we will take another look at how we can process oil in another form and join the volunteers at Fish for Trash 3.0.

My small contribution to keep some of the stuff out of landfills includes the new Second Chance online marketplace, free for everyone until the end of this month and a benefit for personal members from September.

It might seem like the biggest players have the greatest influence but we all have the option of making many little differences in our own world. They do add up …

Do you think small is beautiful?



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