Green is the new black

This week we reflect on the beginning.

When we started publishing our weekly email newsletter in October 2001, pollution was a dirty word and conspicuous consumption was in fashion.

Readers who joined us then were a few small fish in a very large pond.

Today, green is the new black. Eco is trendy and organic is all the rage. While there are new authentic products and services on the market every day, the growth of greenwashing means customers are under growing pressure to research and translate labels, know their suppliers and understand production if we want to stay the course.

Popular brands cash in on natural everything using traditional advertising claims of new, bigger and better.

Fortunately, customers have the opportunity to easily connect with each other to share experiences, knowledge and information. As belts tighten, businesses are gaining increased responsibility to know their customers and deliver on their promises. Our village is growing smaller where everyone knows what the neighbours are up to.

The will of consumers is finding a voice.

In this environment, keeping it simple makes good sense. Extras are often wasteful. The real cost of convenience is high. The bonus of making conscious purchases today will be enjoyed by our grandchildren.

How do you invest in the basics?


Kinzie -- the one and only
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Author: Kinzie

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