World view

This week we are looking at the world quite differently.

America has elected a new leader. People are changing the way we see this nation whose influence on the world is far-reaching. The view is extended beyond the new leader to the citizens who made the choice. We are amazed by the promise of the dream. 2 weeks ago, there was little hope that the world as we know it would change much. Then it happened. And it happened overnight. Literally.

In reality, nothing has changed. Yet everything has changed. How we see our world has changed. All that exists is possibility. It appears in the excitement on faces and in voices seen around the world. And this is the energy of change. It is a change in world view. It is a shared belief in the possibility of something new. We are creating our new tomorrow in this excitement.

We think the power of positive thinking is a limited approach. We know that positive feeling leads to positive creation. Consider the difference between waking up and feeling bad and waking up and feeling good. We can tell ourselves to have a good day or we can do a few things to feel better immediately.

The morning shower is a perfect antidote to a slow start. Groovy tunes instead of gloomy news. Healthy fruit in place of heavy toast.

Enjoy the unexpected diversions in the adventure that is your regular morning routine. Feel what happens when you share a random smile with a stranger. Spice up your space with a fresh scent. Powerful creation comes from feeling powerful.

Take a step out of normal and dip your toes in something new.

Do you see what you believe?


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Author: Kinzie

Founder of the heartbeat natural network