Unplug and connect

Life in the fast lane means any time is a good time to slow down, unplug and give our busy minds the break they deserve.

It is no secret that kids in Hong Kong are breaking under school stress, wanting and needing unstructured time with parents. Couples check diaries to schedule a little quiet time together, relying on social media and texts to keep relationships fresh. We become more aware of the positive impact of mindfulness and less available to make it a priority.

Every year, the show of support grows for EarthHour

#WOW #EARTHHOUR! 🌎󾮞 󾬓 “Over 350 landmarks across 178 countries and territories took part in Earth Hour 2016, including …Posted by Ecozine: Your go-to guide for smarter living on Saturday, March 19, 2016

Every year we switch everything back on at precisely 9pm and go back to business as usual. The event is a perfect opportunity to introduce new activities into our daily or weekly routine.

The One Earth Mission

If everybody in the world consumed resources at the same rate as we do in Hong Kong, we would need 3.1 earths to fulfill our needs, according to recent research by WWF and Global Footprint Network. It is time for us to come back down to earth and start consuming less and consuming wisely – in terms of clothing, food, living and transportation. When we do this together, we will create a better world for ourselves and our children and their children …

Get involved in the One Earth Mission and enroll now on our website: http://wwf.hk/eOEM-2016

5 new habits inspired by EarthHour

— Pick up a meal and enjoy it in silent candlelight with your love
— Sit in silence and darkness to check in with your inner world
— Spend an hour telling and listening to stories with your kids
— Survey your home and switch off every little thing you can
— Invest in a solar lamp and settle in with a good book

More : Lights-out ideas from WWF

It is no secret that life in the fast lane takes a lot of energy.

We consume huge amounts of energy the name of convenience … much of it that we are not even aware of.

Computers are always on and phones are never off. Lights are decorative and flashing and promotional, offering more return on investment than just keeping workers working longer hours for higher productivity. Television screens morph into tablets. The humble coffee pot has been transformed into a piece of high-tech consuming resources like nobody’s business. When we turn in for the night, a forest of twinkling blue and green and red lights reassures us that our convenient life will be ready and waiting when we awake.

The annual Earth Day is a reminder of the  modems and power bars and chargers and speakers whose lights continue pulling power while we are recharging. We are becoming aware of just how many switches we have to turn off in our show of commitment to care for the little blue planet we call home.

The effort required to reduce our carbon footprint, lighten up our eating habits and get a much-needed break can easily become a heavy burden. It is no small challenge, striking a balance while living at the hectic pace our city seems to demand.

It is time to remember that many little things add up to 1 big thing.

Author: Kinzie

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