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With all the trash being hauled out of the ocean this summer, we are thinking of ways of tacking the growing problem of waste. I will admit, this not the easiest of challenges, given that so many jobs and businesses are based entirely on the economics of consumption.

While it is easy to ride the complain train, we like to think again.

In a nod to sustainable trends, the latest in five-star tourism features off-the-grid experiences. Blockbuster movies highlighting life after we have destroyed our planet suggest we know exactly what we are doing.

At the top of the consumer food chain, luxury brands are promising simplicity and minimalist in their high-end designs as companies recognize that conspicuous consumption is giving way to more meaningful luxury experiences.

Living a sustainable lifestyle is not living a deprived life.

Traditional craftsmanship using quality materials to create products meant to last just makes sense. We’re not sure how durability came to be such a luxury.

Our ecosystem suffers at the hands of our addiction to disposable and the resulting ground zero of e-waste.

This week, I read a feature in SCMP about our friend Gary Stokes and his tireless work at Sea Shepherd Hong Kong and I wondered when it became radical to care for our environment. I welcome the day when cutting back and cleaning up is considered normal behavior.

Meanwhile, the summer of clean continues and the tips keep coming and the ideas keep flowing.

I was reminded of an idea I had in the beginning to set up a marketplace for people who care and want to be the change. The idea is to connect people looking for the latest natural options with people whose passion is offering these products and services to make a positive difference. In the face of growing discontent arising from growing awareness, the time keeps getting closer to take that first step.

I have also always wanted to make it easy for people to sell or give away second-and items and keep them out of landfills.

It suddenly dawned on me that a few things have changed since I had the idea in 2001. Little things like open source platforms and community websites and social media — and they can do more of what I began with my text-only email newsletter back then.

Over the weekend, I did a bit of quick research and bit of quick learning and came up with the new natural marketplace.

It’s empty now, but it won’t be for long. Until the end of August, it is free for you to post items for sale or advertise retail products and services. I am taking it slow while I get everything working and regularly sharing new listings with our community.

And so begins my plan to use the power of connection to disrupt the economy of consumption.

Is it possible?



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“The marketplace obliges men, whether they will or not, in pursuing their own selfish interests, to connect the general good with their own individual success.” Edmund Burke

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