This week, we are enjoying treats.

We have officially landed in the season of excuses.

As someone who doesn’t indulge regularly, I know how easy it is to be persuaded to enjoy another glass of bubbly, one more slice of turkey, an extra mince tart and just one more chocolate.

Why not? It’s the holidays.

We can blow out both the bank and the scale in a few short weeks and we can start saving money and losing weight again in January. After juggling work and play with family responsibilities and social obligations, it’s tempting to treat ourselves to a little something special.

Let’s treat ourselves.

Yes. Let’s.

It’s been a big year of growth and change and we’ve earned it.

How will you treat yourself to presence?


Founder, HK heartbeat

Everything is connected.
Listen to your own heartbeat.

“Your children need your presence more than your presents.” Jesse Jackson

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Author: Kinzie

Founder of HK heartbeat - serving Hong Kong since 2001 ... naturally