Adam Higgs in HK 22-27 October

Adam combines techniques in Total Torso Re-Alignment sessions and offers insightful Truth Speaker Readings.

Healing with Adam Higgs

Healing with Adam Higgs

22-27 October 2018

PLACE : Shakti Healing Circle
ADDRESS : 701 Glenealy Tower, 1 Glenealy, Central
ORGANIZER : Shakti Healing Circle
CONTACT : Stephen Clasper
TEL : +852 2521 5099
LINK : read more

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Adam uses a wide choice of healing techniques in his healing sessions, such as Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Touch for Health Kinesiology, and Bach Flower Remedies. Other healing modalities that he frequently uses are Trigger Point Therapy, Tuning Forks and Chakra Re-alignment.

Known in his native England and Ireland as the Truth Speaker, Adam gives readings that are astonishingly accurate and insightful and that go straight to the core of the issue. He has appeared on television and radio.

His metaphysical mastery has evolved over the past 15 years of dedication and has grown to include teaching others. He has been teaching psychic skills, mediumship and trance channeling for the past 10 years and he has enjoyed seeing many of his students go on to be professional readers and healers themselves.

Total Torso Re-Alignment
Cost: $1500 (1 hour)

Stress shows up in numerous physical symptoms, primarily in the back, neck, and pelvis. Our back is the main platform for our major organs, so any misalignment results in pain, spasm, and shoulder and knee problems among others. Many back problems receive temporary relief from physical manipulation, but because the cause is usually an emotional overload, the spinal misalignment will re-assert itself until the emotional aspect is removed.

Adam specializes in removing emotional causes, so that the back will straighten itself. He then strengthens the muscles supporting the skeletal structure to reinforce the back on a physical level. Throughout the session he tests regularly for other problems, such as “fixation” causing numbness and deadness to fingers and arms. He also works on trigger points for pain, frozen shoulders and associated discomforts. Problems that have existed for years can be greatly eased in one session and, in some cases, eliminated completely.

Truth Speaker Readings
Cost: $1500 (1 hour)

A reading from Adam is like a roadmap to the future. As he tunes into you, he quickly deciphers what it is that you need specifically: whether it’s a reading giving insight and understanding into your past, present or future or mediumship to connect with a loved one who has passed over. You will receive emotional, spiritual or physical healing.

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