Lights out

What will you do when the lights are out ?

It’s the perfect time to slow down, unplug and give our busy minds the break they deserve while showing our support Earth Hour.

It’s also a wonderful reminder of just how much energy we consume in the name of convenience … much of it that we are not even aware of.

— Sign the pledge and explore online resources to raise awareness and take one action to save energy and live a low-carbon lifestyle.

— Enjoy dinner in the dark with 12 courses of local, organic, plant-based dishes at Grassroots Pantry.

— Prepare for an hour of quiet time by switching off the mains and the phones and the tablets to sit in silent contemplation, cuddle with someone close or dance in the dark to the rhythm of your own heartbeat.

— Fill your bottle with something nice and head outside to the nearest green patch and listen closely to the sounds of life in this vibrant city.

Earth Hour

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