Best of time

Life is moving faster every day. The mountains of paper that used to greet us at our desk are now joined by endless streams of email and digital messages competing for our attention. Urgency blinks constantly and important gets bumped down the list until it rests quietly at the bottom.

We are continually urged to not miss out on this last chance to save money/time and get smart/thin/rich and be the first to buy the latest gadget and see the latest film and dine at the just-opened restaurant and go to the newest club and attend the hottest event. Squeezing in time to see friends and family between daily chores can easily turn into just another chore.

We are constantly challenged to upgrade our skills. The phone used to be a simple tool for connecting with one other person. Now it is a personal organizer, data processor, post office, camera, map, app, game, entertainment centre and always-on news channel. Switching off the handset for personal time can be as difficult and as vital as getting out of the office on time.

Take a minute now to look at your day and ask if you are on track with what is actually important to you. A small stop-the-world break is all it takes to remember the person who is you since the day you were born and who is you today and whose contribution to our world is totally unique and absolutely essential.

How can you do this every day?

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“The living moment is everything.” -DH Lawrence

Author: Kinzie

Founder of the heartbeat natural network