Meditation and meds

Even healthy living people struggle with illness — here are some thoughts on how you can help your body deal with the chemicals in medications when meds appear to be the best option …

“So Pnuemonia hit me and the meds I’m on has made me bloat beyond … not only that retain crazy amounts of water … 3kgs worth! My body is just not used to chemicals … Antibiotics, Codeine and Painkillers … and all I have eaten was chicken soup with some brown rice, fresh fruits and bulletproof matcha tea … oh and yes some kefir and kombucha … feel so uncomfortable!!! and dizzy most of the time … just needing a vent … and any ideas on how to rid the bloating?”

Here are some thoughts:

Your body is struggling to deal with the chemicals it isn’t used to. Meditation will help raise energy at the cellular level and assist cells with this very big job you have given them. When you are resting, ask your body where it wants your attention and place it there — the mind helps heal the body by directing focus — which is simply energy.

I had emergency back surgery in ’99 and every once in a while my back starts jamming up again. I can’t afford another slipped disc because my spinal nerve fills the entire spinal cavity (I’m an alien) and the spinal nerves tangle themselves in the protruding disc. The surgeon said he had never seen anything like it and that’s why they couldn’t relieve my pain without surgery at the time. He voiced his concern that I wouldn’t walk again and that I needed 2 days of absolutely not moving before we could find out. I did not entertain that possibility. A few days layer, during my recovery, I caught a quick glimpse of my future as an elderly woman, as I shuffled the halls at Canosa Hospital with my Zimmer Frame.

The pain is my body’s way of letting me know where I’m headed if I don’t do something about it. Now, when it asks for attention, I give it. When I don’t, I can get myself in trouble to the point I can’t walk, sit or stand. The last time I was in serious trouble, I made a deal with myself to relax consciously for 3 days before calling the chiropractor. I have not needed the chiropractor since. That was 10 years ago.

Remember that when you are meditating, you are raising energy levels and your body is going to ask for lots of water afterwards to help flush out any toxins that are released, so drink, drink, drink — and then drink some more.

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