Coming home

This week, we are grateful for home.

Many of us living here consider Hong Kong our home, though we were not born here and may one day move on. It is this common thread that pulls us together when our neighbors need help. We have seen it again and again – for Fukoshima, Tacloban, Sichuan, Bali — Hong Kong people want to help.

Once again, we are reminded that home is much more than shelter. Wherever we live, it is our connection that defines our home. We meet our neighbors, form friendships and create communities. One of the most constant and consistent qualities of our human nature is that we instinctively reach out across space and time to support each other in hours of need because we all understand the value and importance of home.

Following the call to send money not stuff, local organizers continue to hold disaster relief fundraisers to raise cash and we prepared this list of local  organizations actively supporting the efforts on the ground in Nepal.

Other events on the calendar this month offer you the opportunity discuss Philanthropy in China, The Future of the Workplace, Plastic Oceans, Local Solutions for Remote Communities, Poverty in China, International Solid Waste Solutions. Learn How to Tell Science from Bunk, Create Shared Value and Make our Roads Safer for Children or listen to Christine Loh update local chambers on our Progress and Achievements in Air Quality.

Shop for good at the Luxarity Pop Up Charity Sale. Make a healthy date for The Wellness Walk and The Wellness 360 Fair. Get involved with the Clean Shorelines Campaign, get on your bike for the 10th annual Ride of Silence or pack up for a day with the kids on the beach at Mother Earth Groove.

Whether you were born here, moved here or are just passing through, share your heart with our Hong Kong.

What does your home mean to you?



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“You can never go home again, but the truth is you can never leave home, so it’s all right.” Maya Angelou

The Light of Breath – 22-25 May
An exploration of Pranayama – the most vital component to life

The subtle power and potential of Pranayama is often underestimated or misunderstood in contemporary times. When utilized carefully, it elevates health and facilitates healing from various illnesses. It can also open the doorway to our possible spiritual domain. In this seminar Dr Kausthub Desikachar will focus on practical and deep insights into the teaching of Pranayama. Topics include: theoretical frameworks; technique, experience and process; ratios in practice and their significance; sequencing for groups and individuals; bandhas, mudras & mantras. Tickets are HK$3,800 for the workshop on Friday-Monday May 22-25 at KUCspace (G/F, 2 Jordan Road, Kowloon) from 9am-5pm.

ENQUIRIES : Gabi Baumgartner
TEL : +852 5193 8101


Fresh HK – heartbeat mini-guide
Our favorite tiny guide is in all your favorite places

The new mini-guide is an instant favorite — cute, clever, convenient — this is how Hong Kong is describing the tiny new publication. Fresh HK is designed for people on the move. Printed on our signature raw-paper, the small format fits into bags and briefcases for easy reference everywhere. Fresh HK features fresh contacts and connections for everything natural in Hong Kong, including popular products, tips and tricks, upcoming events along with contact details for natural choices every day. Pick up your free copy, order one online or join as a personal member to get yours in the post every month. Listings and display advertising is available for natural products, services and programs. Contact us and find out how you can get listed.

TEL : +852 6628 6153 – Kinzie
QUICK LINK : get more information


Events in Hong Kong this month

1 > Introducing Labyrinths > more
1 > Pak Kok Market for Nepal > more
2 > Nepal Disaster Relief Fundraiser > more
2 > Soothing Yoga > more
2 > The Eco Pledge > more
2 > Meat Free Dinner Gathering > more
2 > Open House > more
3 > Jacky’s Tree Plant > more
4 > Quit Trying > more
4 > Full Moon Gathering > more
4 > Moving Steps > more
5 > Exploring Philanthropy in China > more
5 > The Pawn’s Cocktail Fundraiser for Nepal > more
5 > The Future of the Workplace > more
6-10 > Yoga and Meditation Retreat in Chang Mai > more
6 > Kwan Yin Evening with Acushla > more
7 > Stay Strong Nepal > more
7 > Plastic Oceans Presentation > more
7 > Unwind After-Work Yoga > more
7 > Millenium Method | get details
8 > Meat Free Dinner Gathering > more
8-9 > Luxarity Pop Up Charity Sale > more
9 > Making our Roads Safer for Children > more
9 > The Wellness Walk > more
9 > Nature Walk to Shing Mun Arboretum > more
9 > 3rd Anniversary Open House at The Sanctuary > more
9 > Fertility with Ayurveda and Yoga > more
9-11 > The Yuen Method > more
10 > Peng Chau Island Eco Tour > more
11 > Meat Free Dinner Gathering > more
11 > Give to Nepal Disaster Relief Fundraiser > more
11 > Mindfulness Yoga Challenge > more
12 > The Art of Healing > more
12 > The Urban Wellscape > more
12 > Raw Vegan Potluck > more
12 > Homeopathy Demystified > more
12 > The Demarcation Problem: How to tell science from bunk > more
13 > Local Solutions for Remote Communities > more
13 > Divining Success with Acushla > more
13 > Healthy Gourmet Supper Cluba > more
14 > Progress and Achievements in Air Quality > more
14 > Meat Free Dinner Gathering > more
14 > The Healing Power of Touch > more
15-16 > Queen Eco Pop-Up Shop > more
15 > Archangels Healing > more
16 > New Moon Gong Bath and Meditation > more
16 > Children’s Nutrition – From Bump to Teen > more
16 > Clean Shorelines Campaign > more
17 > Mother Earth Groove > more
17 > Meat Free Sunday Lunch > more
17 > Healing Angel Card Reader Course > more
17 > The Unknown Quantum Connection > more
18 > Creating Shared Value > more
19 > City Carbon Vision 2015 – Risk & Resilience > more
19-23 > International Conference on Solid Waste > more
19 > Alleviating Poverty in China > more
19 > Homeopathy Demystified > more
20 > Ride of Silence > more
20 > Shamanic Workshop > more
22-24 > Belly Dance Workshop > more
22-25 > The Light of Breath – Pranayama Workshop > more
23 > Meat Free Lunch Gathering > more

Sponsored listings include a link to details; Contact the organizer directly or ask our Natural Concierge for details about events listed without links.

Fresh listings on the website directory

Monika Parker – Private coaching, stress management, DISC behavioral assessment … get details
Australian Organics – Pure plants and essential oils for hair and skin products … get details
Green Fresh Vegan Restaurant – 100% vegan, cakes, raw ice-cream and more … get details
Isoya Japanese Vegetarian – Japanese cooking with fresh ingredients and no MSG … get details
Food Angel – Rescuing edible surplus food, preparing nutritious hot meals and redistributing … get details
PathFinders – Protecting the most vulnerable children born in Hong Kong and their migrant mothers … get details
Veggie Family – Chinese vegetarian restaurant … get details

Click the listing for details or visit the website directory; contact the Natural Concierge for assistance.

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