Happy holidays

Attention is turning to the festive season with daily reminders of gift ideas, party tips, holiday savings and an abundance ways to create special memories with friends and family this holiday season. It is the perfect time of year to practice conscious shopping.

Imagine the story behind each product you purchase. Think about the hands that shaped it, the resources that packaged it, the wheels that transported it, the energy that warehoused it, the retailers that chose it, the companies that promoted it. Consider what it will contribute to the life of the person who receives it.

And then, imagine what it will look like and where it will be at the end of its life … how it might be re-used, whether it can be re-cycled and if it still has a life beyond its original purpose.

These are just a few questions for anyone with a sincere desire to conserve more resources, make less waste and feel especially good about celebrating the holidays.

It’s really not that much to think about … or is it?



Change always comes bearing gifts” – Price Pritchett


Author: Kinzie

Founder of the heartbeat natural network