Healthy winter tips

The cool, dry winter air is a pleasant change from our hot, humid summer.

It also changes things for our body, so it’s time to switch up some of our daily routines to stay on track with healthy habits. Step into your kitchen to find natural options to chemical moisturizers like honey, avocado, olive oil, coconut oil that are as good to eat as they are to smear all over your body.

And remember to drink plenty of fresh water. Distilled water can draw nutrients out of your cells, so stick to mineral water where possible. Caffeine is a mild diuretic and it’s a good idea to drink enough water to replace any lost from drinking coffee or cola. Choose herbal tea as an alternate hot beverage from time to time. Ginger tea is warming. Mint tea helps with digestion. Green and white tea have antioxidants.

If you do manage to catch the flu, listen to your body’s request for rest.
Check out our natural health practitioners when you need a little help.

Isn’t the party season ahead a perfect incentive for a little prevention?

Photo by Kinzie

Author: heartbeat

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