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This week, we are ready to vote.

It seems hard to believe 8 years have passed since we witnessed a significant change on the world stage. Back then, everyone was talking about the historical nature of the event. Even those of us without a vote feel the impact.

Today, we have lost sight of that truth in a sea of discontent.

Regardless of the outcome, there is no doubt we are witnessing a shift unlike anything we have seen in a long time. The popularity contest that has become 21st century media is bombarding us with a remarkable blast of negative energy.

This is what it looks like when the dark comes into light.

There is no more hiding from the pain and suffering of our time and there is little doubt that much if it is fueled by the same messages of fear and scarcity to convince us to buy stuff and drive consumption-led economic growth.

We traded our principles for profit and believed in the deal.

Regardless of our ability to shape the politics of our external world, we do have full authority over the policies of our own life. We decide what gets our attention and now more than ever our mindful practices are becoming increasingly important.

When we realize that every day, we cast our vote with our wallets and our voices and our time, we recognize our true power.

Vote for resources the fixing what’s broken instead of buying new.

Vote for health by choosing beauty products without toxic chemicals.

Vote for the ocean by ditching plastic packaging and single-use products.

Vote for happiness by calling a friend and catching up for no good reason.

Vote for the future by loving our children and giving them our precious time.

Vote for tomorrow by purchasing products with more shelf life than trend life.

Vote for wellness by switching off the screens and getting a good night’s sleep.

Vote for creativity by pulling out a blank sheet of paper and some colored pencils.

Vote for kindness by joining a conscious community and feeling good about yourself.

Vote for loyalty by understanding the corporate values behind the brands you support.

Vote for today by bringing our awareness to this moment with gratitude for all that we have.

Vote for abundance by giving something good you aren’t using to someone who will.

Vote for the environment by switching off the air conditioner these cool nights.

Vote for our children for getting them outside to play in nature with no plans.

Vote for our ecosystems by standing up against unbridled development.

Vote for clean air by choosing public transportation where possible.

Vote for diversity by understanding and accepting our differences.

Vote for what we know is right by finding our voice and using it.

Vote for sustainability by knowing when enough is enough.

Vote for love by loving ourselves more every day.

While the world around us will continue to change at the speed of light and the storms will continue to rage, we have the capacity to make our own decisions and then make new decisions based on what we have learned.

Sometimes it helps to look back at the progress we have made and we will be doing just that next week at 10 Years of Green Drinks with 10 Speakers. It’s always good to surround ourselves with people who share our world view and be reminded that every glass that is half empty is also half full.

What are you voting for?



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It’s very important to vote. People died for this right.” Lenny Kravitz

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