August 2021

Here’s what’s on in Hong Kong … naturally.

Stay in touch with what’s new and what’s happening in our community. Show up. Get new ideas. Meet friends and find new ones. Explore fresh options. Make a difference in our world.

Follow the current local public health guidelines and support virtual events when you can.

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HK heartbeat -- the natural network

Sun 1 (9am-12pm) Myofascial Release (PURE Yoga)

Sun 1 (10am-6pm) Wholeness & Wellness — Inner Tour (We Me Studio)

Sun 1 (10am-5pm) Shaman and Enlightenment Tour (Heart Forest)

Sun 1 (10-11:15am) Ashtanga 1 (Harbour Sports Centre)

Sun 1 (1:30-3:30pm) Principles of Alignment (PURE Yoga)

Sun 1 (3-5pm) First Aid (Workshop) (Mom & Wellness 852)

Mon 2 (10am-4pm) Summer Surf Camps (Treasure Island Group)

Mon 2 (10am-12pm) Latte Art Class (FoodCraft)

Mon 2 (2-3pm) Family Qigong – in person (I-Living)

Mon 2 (7:30-9:30pm) Vitality Water Lecture (GreenWoods)

Tue 3 (7-8pm) Sunset Yoga at the Park (Tamar Park)

Wed 4 (11:30am-12:30pm) Children’s ‘Reading Yoga’ (Asia Society)

Wed 4 (12:30-2pm) Lunchtime Destress Doodling (Wild at Art)

Thu 5 (10:30-11:30am) Yoga at the Park (Tamar Park)

Thu 5 (7:30-9pm) Healing Circle – Heart Activation (Back to the Nature)

Fri 6 (10am-6pm) Spiritual Restructuring Class (Secret of Bliss)

Fri 6 (10am-12:30pm) Vegan & Gluten Free Gnocchi Class (FoodCraft)

Fri 6 (3-4:30pm) Pizza Making Workshop (GiantFood)

Sat 7 (9:30am-6:30pm) Heart Medicine Manifestation Course (Aug 7-8) (GreenWoods)

Sat 7-8 (9:30am-5:30pm) Bowen Therapy (ISBT)

Sat 7 (10am-6pm) Spiritual Restructuring Class (Secret of Bliss)

Sat 7 (10:30am-12pm) Zero Carbon Summer Festival (CIC-Zero Carbon Park)

Sat 7 (2-5:30pm) Community Adventure Cleanup (Mui Wo)

Sun 8 (9:50-10:20pm) New moon

Mon 9 (1-3:30pm) Healthy Naughty Cookie Class (FoodCraft)

Mon 9 (6-8:30pm) Water Kefir and Milk Kefir Class (FoodCraft)

Tue 10 (11am-12pm) Aquafit Float Class (Mandarin Oriental)

Wed 11 (12:30-2pm) Lunchtime Destress Doodling (Wild at Art)

Wed 11 (6-8:30pm) Stitch Doodle Wednesdays (Wild at Art)

Wed 11 (7-10pm) SRT Professional Training Program (Secret of Bliss)

Thu 12 (6-8:30pm) Kombucha Class (FoodCraft)

Thu 12 (7:15-9pm) Summer Healing (Club O)

Fri 13 (3-4:30pm) Pizza Making Workshop (GiantFood)

Sat 14 (11am-1pm) Millinery Workshop – Cocktail Hat for Beginners (Artisan Blossoms)

Sun 15 (10am-6pm) Spiritual Restructuring (SpR) CLASS (Secret of Bliss)

Sun 15 (11am-5pm) Garnish Dessert Candle Level 1 (Wellness Living)

Mon 16 (10am-5pm) Korean Soy Candle Decorating Course (Wellness Living)

Thu 19 (All day) World Humanitarian Day

Thu 19 (11am-12:30pm) Great Food Fight-Midsummer (Club O)

Thu 19 (11am-6pm) Japanese Style Flower Handicraft Course (Wellness Living)

Thu 19 (11am-5pm) Soy Candle Certificate Course (Wellness Living)

Thu 19 (12:45-1:45pm) Silver Haired Yoga Class (Dr Caren Yoga Studio)

Thu 19 (2:30-4pm) Be With Myself in the Healing (Club O)

Thu 19 (7:30-9:30pm) Balancing Seven Chakras Workshop (Heart Forest)

Fri 20 (11am-5pm) Garnish Dessert Candle Workshop (Wellness Living)

Fri 20 (3-4:30pm) Pizza Making Workshop (GiantFood)

Sat 21 (All day) Hungry Ghost Festival

Sat 21 (8:30am-7pm) Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training (PURE Yoga)

Sat 21 (9am-12pm) Postpartum Yoga Instructor Course (Mayoga)

Sat 21 (1-8pm) The Confidence Gallery (Kat Tse)

Sat 21 (3-5pm) Breath . Yoga . Natural Birth (Mom & Wellness 852)

Sun 22 (8:02-8:32pm) Full moon

Sun 22 (11am-6pm) Reiki For You & Your Pets (Sheung Wan)

Sun 22 (11am-6pm) Usui Reiki Workshop (Thee Spiritual Source)

Sun 22 (12:30-3:30pm) Private Kitchen Lunch (GreenWoods)

Sun 22 (6:30-9:30pm) Private Kitchen Dinner (GreenWoods)

Tue 24 (10am-12pm) Knife Skill Class (FoodCraft)

Tue 24 (12:30-1:30pm) Supporting New Mothers at Work (The Womens Foundation)

Tue 24 (6-8:30pm) Sourdough Baking (FoodCraft)

Tue 24 (4-5pm) Visit to Hong Kong Biodiversity Museum (Encompass HK)

Wed 25 (12:30-2pm) Lunchtime Destress Doodling (Wild at Art)

Thu 26 (9:30am-4:30pm) Ninepin Islands Excursion (Encompass HK)

Thu 26 (11am-12:30pm) Bright Stars – Hypnotic Healing (Club O)

Thu 26 (2:30-4pm) Healing Class with Myself (Club O)

Thu 26 (7:15-9pm) Scorching Summer Healing (Club O)

Fri 27 (9:30am-6pm) SRT Basic Class (27-29) (Secret of Bliss)

Fri 27 (3-4:30pm) Pizza Making Workshop (GiantFood)

Fri 27 (7:30-9:30pm) Water Kefir Probiotics DIY Workshop (GreenWoods)

Fri 27 (7:30-9pm) Audio Healing Night (Thee Spiritual Source)

Sat 28 (10am-7:30pm) Family System Arrangement Workshop (Soultopia)

Sat 28 (11am-12:30pm) Taoist Health Care (Club O)

Sat 28 (2:30-4pm) Prevention of Common Urban Diseases by Diet and Lifestyle (Club O)

Sat 28 (10-10:30pm) Money Angel Reiki Course (Soul Free World)

Sun 29 (3-4:30pm) A Dip in the Well (Planet Love Aromatherapy)

Mon 30 (11am-1:30pm) Gluten Free Cooking (FoodCraft)

Tue 31 (10am-12:30pm) Fish Bone Broth Cooking – Gut Healing Series (FoodCraft)


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HK heartbeat -- the natural network

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HK heartbeat -- the natural network

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