Seeing balance

This week, we are seeing balance.

As the sun was setting with magnificent shades orange and pink over the mountains this evening, we realized the colors are coming from the air pollution in China, pulled down by the outer edges of typhoon Megi. It was our worst air day in a while and one more reason why Clean Air Network needs even more of our support.

We also need to be looking a little deeper to the root of the issue.

Sadly, an inspirational gentleman whose passing captured international media attention left a legacy of a million acres of destroyed ecosystems worldwide that devour trillions of gallons of water and hundreds of tonnes of chemicals in maintenance every day in the chase for a little white ball and a deal. I have shot a few rounds in my day and I understand the appeal, but the waste is a particularly uncomfortable truth in our world of food and water scarcity.

Fortunately, we also have people like Bill Mollison who introduced the modern world to ancient wisdom with the practice of permaculture. On Saturday, we also said farewell to Bill and although his impact is also global, his passing did not attract the same kind of attention.

Care for the earth. Care for the people. Return the surplus.

Local interest in permaculture is growing and weekend farmers regularly volunteer to prepare the soil for planting on agricultural spaces throughout the territory. Volunteers are always welcome and it’s a great way to have fun learning and meeting new friends.

With the growing interest in farming comes a growing interest in environmental conservation with local Lantau residents demanding tighter enforcement of the coastal protection area rules during a Judicial Review in the courts today.

The waste on our shores this summer has sparked a new wave of activity in our community.

This weekend marks the third Fish for Trash event in Aberdeen and the turnout grows with each gathering. The annual Hong Cleanup has begun and before we head out, it’s a good time to review these green tips from Ecozine on how we can be part of the solution. We are getting regular news from friends organizing cleanups around Hong Kong and awareness grows with every piece of trash collected.

To counter new shops selling loads of highly processed, plastic-wrapped everything, SpiceBox Organics has expanded with a third location in Kennedy Town and if you’re not in the neighborhood, you can always shop online for your favorites.

Where there is down there is up. Where there is dark there is light. If fear is winning the popularity contest it simply means there’s a lot more love and it’s just not getting the same attention. We will be sharing the love at Fifteen next month.

Where do you see the balance?



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