Sending love

This week we are sending love to Nepal.

One of the most efficient ways to get help is to know what you need and to ask for it clearly.

Learning from recent experiences in Sichuan, Japan and the Philippines, we recognize the importance of getting the right assistance at the right time in the right way. As soon as we heard the news from Kathmandu, we reached out to Zein Williams, who runs Child Welfare Scheme. The organization has been our member for many years so we are familiar with their efforts on the ground in Nepal. Her advice is the same message that is being sent around the world this week:

Don’t send stuff, send money and positive energy … read more.

TakeOut Comedy Club has also connected with CWS and will host a special Charity Comedy Show this Thursday with 100% of the proceeds going directly to CWS.

At this moment, nothing else in the world seems more important than relief.

Will you take a minute right now and send love and cash to Nepal?


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PS – SoulFood Social has been cancelled this Thursday – I am recovering from a pulled lower back muscle.

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