Life Balance Week 2015

Join the annual campaign 26-30 October 2015

HK heartbeat (Advocate Company) has a special offer on Life Balance Workshops.

Findings from the 2006-2014 surveys show that Hong Kong employees are dissatisfied with life balance and it impacts their productivity, health and relationships with family and friends. They believe more can be done to address the situation. Organizations can demonstrate their commitment to work-life balance and raises awareness of work-life balance as a critical business issue. Since 2008, hundreds of participants across Asia have organized activities and initiatives during the week and throughout the year. Participants receive free access to a series of publications supporting their strategy, including Work-Life Balance in Hong Kong Case Studies (2007), Work-Life Balance: The Guide (2009) and Driving Cultural Change to Achieve Work-Life Balance (2011). Register now and start planning a week that will drive change in your organization and you community.

ORGANIZER :  Community Business
CONTACT : Andrew Tsang
TEL : +852 2201 1832

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Life Balance Week


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