The heartbeat originals

Meet our original members who inspired the birth of HK heartbeat 17 years ago today.

“There is a wide range of fun and healthy activities on offer and a growing number of people looking for ways to contribute to their own personal growth as well as the careful development of our planet earth.

Like any community, our strength is in our cooperation.

We are fortunate to live in an international village with a vast array of skills, talents, gifts and viewpoints.

Knowledge increases in valuable when it is shared.”


22 October 2001

Pete Spurrier, Founder, Blacksmith Books > Author of the Hiker’s Guide to Hong Kong series

Doris Baer, Senior Nei Gong Teacher, Mentor and Healer, Tian Yan Nei Gong Centre, Hong Kong > Classes and private sessions teaching Nei Gong (an internal Qi Gong) to integrate body and mind; free trial class.

Peter Baer, Designer, Baer Jewels > Natural crystals and gemstones set in gold, platinum and silver; energetic cleaning of stones and jewelry, commissions

Anne Copeland, Sustainability Advisor, Copeland & Partners > Environmental and social risk management and due diligence, sustainability strategy development, management and reporting and stakeholder engagement and training

Roz Keep, Artist, Sketch Treks > Sketch Treks in nature with full day of drawing, tuition and lunch for anyone who likes or would like to drawsketchpaint along with quiet time

Dr Barry Decker, Chiropractor, The Chiropractic Centre > Low force wellness based family chiropractic services

Lindsey McAllister, Founder, Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation > Charity providing non-competitive arts experiences for young people aged 5 to 25, encouraging self-expression and building self-esteem

Simon Chau, Green Champion, Green Living Education Foundation
Serving Chinese vegetarian dishes using local produce and hosting community events with Sui Cheong Chau

Sally Andersen, Founder, Hong Kong Dog Rescue > Rescuing and rehoming stray, abandoned and surrendered dogs and puppies

Lloyd Kenda, Veterinarian, Valley Veterinary Centre > Providing full medical, diagnostic and surgical facilities; house calls available

Rebecca Szeto, Facilitator, Institute for Systemic Solutions > Family Constellation and Organization Constellation seminars for business, career and relationships

Sandra Gonzales > Spiritual healer and teacher offering private sessions, seminars and retreats throughout Asia; HK visits

Orla Breeze, Awakener > Facilitating workshops and meditation groups using sound and intuition for healing

The Oriental Salon > Hair styling, manicures, pedicures, make-up, beauty treatments and waxing services

The Oriental Spa > Wellness spa with fitness centre, indoor heated swimming pool, Pilates and yoga studio, steam rooms and dry sauna

David O’Rose, Psychotherapist > Psychological counselling for individuals and couples; personal effectiveness and self-awareness seminars

Laksmi Leung, Emotional Release Counsellor > Emotional Release Therapy results in rapid & long lasting relief of stress and unwanted emotions

Christine Loh, Founder, Civic Exchange, An independent, non-profit, public policy think tank

Clair Beardson, Mineralysis > Hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA) to identify mineral imbalances and toxic elements; TCM and nutritional advice based on the results

Krize & Wyman-Dana Chow, Wholeness Healing & Training Centre > Healing and training center for crystal healing, Reiki, Family Constellation, Zen Paida

Harry Chan, Therapist, Diagonistic Colonic Irrigation > Colonic irrigation with preventative analysis

Anisa Abdoolcarim, Kinesiologist > Find out the root cause of your diseases, addictions, fears, nutritional imbalances, emotional issues using MRT.

Dr Cecilia The, Traditional Chinese Medicine > Cecilia obtained her medical degree at the Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Jan Moor, Yoga Instructor > Hatha yoga for physical and mental well-being

Shelagh Ho, Reflexologist > Identify, treat and restore balance and function to the body by working corresponding reflex points on the feet.

Chris Lonsdale, Chris Lonsdale & Associates > Professional business training programs

Jennifer Walker, Naturopath > Naturopath and counsellor specializing in a variety of issues for teens and adults

Michelle Tanmizi, Personal Coach > Conscious management and leadership coach and trainer; life counselling and business skills training for groups and individuals

Shireen Calucin, Holistic Aromatherapist / Botanical Perfumer, Earth Girl Creations > Custom blended skincare, natural botanical perfumes & pet remedies; individually blended for people & pets, workshops; professional aromatherapy diploma courses

Wembley Kindergarten > English speaking international kindergarten with children’s yoga incorporated into the curriculum for a nurturing, well-integrated caring environment.

Master Joseph Chau Kam Shing, Feng Shui Master, Chau’s Chinese Geomancy > Feng shui consultation, tuition & seminars in English & Cantonese

Caroline Rhodes, Physiotherapist > Manual therapy for the resolution of pain and dysfunction and improving overall health

Dr David Owens, Doctor, OT&P Healthcare > Specialist in family medicine with integrated approach to health and wellness

Dr Tim Trodd, Doctor, OT&P Healthcare > Specialist in family medicine with integrated approach to health and wellness

Catherine Feliciano-Chon, CatchOn > A strategic marketing communications consultancy specializing in leisure, lifestyle and travel with expertise in natural health and wellness

Caroline Surwati, Luminus Link > Healing centre

Raymond Lo, Grand Master of Feng Shui, Raymond Lo Feng Shui Consultancy

Theodora Thunder, Business Consultant, Streeter Strategic > Supporting long-term strategies for best practices in sustainable development, CSR and establishing corporate citizenship as a foundation business ethic

Dr Russell C Williams, Doctor of Chiropractic, Neuro-musculo-skeletal care and balance, acute pain and chronic conditions, sports injury and physical therapy

Sravaniya DiPecoraro, Holistic Professional, Barefoot Philosopher Press > Using western psychological astrology, tarot, numerology and I Ching; since 1992; YA500 yoga teacher conducting philosophy courses and certification

Timothy Tse, Thai & Polarity Therapist > Polarity therapy, hand, ear & foot reflexology, bio-sonic sound therapy, chair massage, thai massage, deep tissue massage

David Schneider, The Chinese and American Tai Chi Chuan Association

Mandy Adams, Aromatherapist

Vinod Sharma, AyurYoga International > Ayurveda, naturopathy, reflexology, Reiki energy systems, pulse reading, treating clients with medical conditions and physical ailments

Wanda Hewitt, Yoga Instructor > Private, group and corporate yoga classes, teacher training certification programs

Tatiana E Bellavita, Water Ambassador, AcquaVibe > Water filtration system using natural pressure without electricity; eliminating impurities in the body, adding trace minerals and balancing pH

Kumi Masunaga, Professional Drummer, Founder, Rhythm of Life > Drum jam team building and corporate events, school programs, birthday parties, live performance, African drum classes, free community activities

Oz Walker, Professional Drummer

Sandy Chugani, Instructor, The Art of Living Foundation Hong Kong > Educational service non-profit organization founded by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar to provide the Art of Living Course

Graeme Bradshaw, Homeopath, Naturopath, Founder, Integrated Medicine Institute > Holistic approach to healing; specializing in allergies, digestive problems, detoxification and the improvement of immunity to overcome chronic illnesses

Asia-Pacific Aromatherapy > Therapeutic grade essential oils, carrier oils, creams, gels and accessories; professional training courses and workshops; holistic treatments by qualified therapists

Chantal Phillips, Reiki Master Teacher, Healing Fire > Private and group tuition in all levels of Reiki and Karuna Reiki since 1997; healing sessions; tarot; space clearing

Ananda Yoga > A variety of yoga practices, classes, workshops and retreats

Yvonne Chan, YC Services > Hand made soap, salt crystal candle and lamps, tailor made skin care products

Eric Faider, Therapeutic Thai Massage (rest in peace) > Traditional Thai Nerve Touch Massage for pain reduction, body restructuring, increased fluid circulation and range of motion; treatments and training

Kathryn Ma, Psychic Reader, House of Energy > Focusing on the present and the future in all realms of your life in fluent English and Cantonese

Kenneth Luk, Feng Shui Master, House of Energy > Feng shui, nutrition, workshops.classes, integrated healthcare, crystals & jewelry, crystal healings

Christy Lai, Fu Hong Organization > Training, education and employment opportunities for people with disabilities; public talks, fundraising; mail processing, simple printing, cleaning, pest control services

Raymond Ho > Gurdjieff, Enneagram, Ouspenski, Sacred Geometry and sacred knowledge

Gianna Buonocore, Registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner (Acupuncture) > Clinics at Integrated Medicine Institute and Matilda Medical Centre; teaching at Asia-Pacific Aromatherapy

Elaine Ward, Osteopath > Using craniosacral therapy and cranial osteopathy with along with structural techniques restore the body to a state of optimal balance

Donna Gee, Physiotherapist > Board registered with a double degree in clinical science and osteopathic science

Dr Melanie Bryan, Psychologist, Hypnotherapist, Coach, MindMatters > Hypnosis and/or therapy for smoking, weight, fears, relationship conflicts, anxiety, infidelity, anger, insomnia, relocation/career dilemmas

Donna Keech Sun, Masgutova Method Instructor > Knowledge and tools to use natural, genetic motor resources for successful neuro-sensory-motor development and joyful learning for children and adults.

Jeffrey Zee & Christina Tam, Colon-HydroTherapy Instructor, Mind Body Colon Cleansing Centre > Detox and regain energy in a comfortable, relaxing environment in the hands of experienced I-ACT certified therapist. Prevention is better than cure.

Dr Unico Chan > Public workshops – Enneagram Personality Types, LAB Profile, Interactive Theater

Sharon Kwok, Kadampa Meditation Centre Hong Kong > Non-profit organization with meditation programs for all levels of interest and experience

Nicole Moja, Designer, Moja Jewellery > Nicole designs with conscious awareness, infusing each piece with the natural energies of the stones for personal empowerment.

Helen Forty, Psychic Reader and Healer > Tarot, astrology and channeled readings; hypnotherapy & emotional healing including past life regression; hands-on Hawaiian huna healing

Daniel Darby, Shamanic Healer > Daniel is a shamanic practitioner, a hands-on healer, a certified hypnotherapist, and a ceremonialist who travels internationally teaching and seeing clients.

Catriona Rogers, Counsellor and Coach, Counselling Psychology:Re-authoring Lives > Personal counselling, coaching, change facilitation on issues relating to self, relationships and workplace

Dr Jay Pandya, Homeopathic Physician > Personalized treatments combining western medicine and homeopathic training, safe for pregnancy and babies to cure disease and chronic pain

Mabel Kwan, One Pilates Studio > Integrated fitness & exercise therapy with individual or group sessions

Fred Stander, Holistic Hypnotherapist & Wellness Counsellor > Self-discovery and healing in your personal and professional life

Dr Susan Jamieson, Lightdoctor, Dr Susan Jamieson Integrative Medical Practice >Scottish-trained general practitioner with a holistic approach to medicine including energy integration and the powers of intention and presence

Michelle Harris, Pure Potential Worldwide > Training and mentorship programs, consultations, private sessions and self-empowerment classes for children and adults; available in person and via Skype

David Ogg, Coach, Central Sun > Wellness consultant and trainer offering a variety of programs for individuals and groups

Peter Lloyd, Therapist, Process Work using psychotherapy to find meaning in all that happens in our lives; individuals, couples and groups

Bobsy Gaia, Founder, MANA! Fast Slow Food > Serving healthy, organic, vegetarian, vegan and raw fast food in an eco-friendly and responsible manner; gluten-free flatbreads, raw desserts

Carey Vail > Pendulums, wands and pendants handcrafted with natural quartz crystal and semiprecious stones set in 925 sterling silver

Chris Taylor > One on one sessions in person, by phone or email, group sessions, workshops, classes and seminars

Jenny Kakulu Kam, Applied Kinesiologist, Tarot Reader & Life Empowerment Navigator > Psycho/health kinesiology, tarot readings, life empowerment navigation, pendulum dowsing, meditation, psychic intuition training

Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden > Conservation and education centre with a focus on sustainability in Hong Kong to increase the awareness of our relationship with the environment

Beth Narain > Combining Pilates and Callanetics for definition and body shaping; pre-natal and post-natal training available

Jeanne Ma, Naturopath, Homeopath (Aust), Naturopathic & Homeopathic Clinic > Diagnostic Iridology, hair analysis, vitamin & minerals, herbal medicine, organic dried herbs, homeopathic remedies, allergies, detoxification, weight loss

Nikki Green, Psychotherapist, Healthier Relationships > Psychotherapy, counselling, sex therapy, relationship and marital therapy in person, by phone or online

Jonathan Wong Woon-chung, Professor, Hong Kong Organic Resource Centre > Local certification body of organic products set up under the Agricultural Development Fund to facilitate the development of organic farming

Renee Claire, Clairvoyant and Medium

Tai Po Environmental Association > Conserving and improving the environment; conferences, eco-tours, training camps. competitions and training

Jacqueline Muller, Executive Coach > Coaching for leaders to balance success and fulfillment

Tessa Tennant, Founder, ASrIA > Non profit, membership association promoting corporate responsibility and sustainable investment practice

Martha Collard, Wellness Facilitator, Red Doors Studio > Individual or group coaching to make conscious choices; professional facilitator and certified labyrinth builder for non-profits, schools and public spaces

Alex Ling, Chiropractor, Optimal Health Chiropractic > Chiropractic care, spinal and postural screenings, workshops, workplace seminars, orthotics and wellness products

Dr Kylie Griffin, Veterinarian, The Ark Veterinary Hospital > Full services from examinations, vaccinations and surgical procedures to grooming, supplies and accessories

Adele Leung, Esoteric Art Director and Image Consultant, EsotericHeartBeauty > Guided spiritual tours

Brigitta Dunki, Somatic Experiencing Practitioner > Facilitating the release from the physical body of stuck energies caused by traumas

Ophelia Chan, Lecturer Author, Herbal Bliss > Internationally-certified organic local skincare brand supporting small distillers, herbal and aroma-therapeutic companies

Stephen Palmquist, Philopsychy Press > Publishing online and print versions of books that take a philosophical and/or psychological approach to increasing self-awareness

Monika Parker, Life Coach, LRP > Life and stress resilience coaching; mentor coaching; relationship coaching, personal foundation program; DISC behavioural assessment

Inès De Beer, Osteopath DO, Sacral Cranial Osteopath, The Round Clinic > Manual therapy using techniques to increase the musculo-skeletal mobility of the body; treating problems including as low back pain, headaches and neck pain

Pervin Clasper, Shakti Healing Circle > Healing sessions using a combination of Pranic Healing, Magnified Healing, Traditional Usui Reiki and Tera Mai Seikhem Reiki; regular workshops

Anita Moorjani, Consultant, DNA Universal > Anita shares practical insights from her book, “Dying to be Me,” written after her near-death experience and immediate recovery from terminal cancer.

Danny Moorjani, Consultant, Power One > Online assessment for academic and career decisions

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Author: Kinzie

Founder of the heartbeat natural network