More or less

“A wise lover values not so much the gift of the lover as the love of the giver.” Thomas á Kempis

This week, we are cutting back.

Armed with our list of lists, we are looking at how we will enjoy Fortunately, an abundance of help is close at hand.

Designers are finding clever ways to create beauty with materials that would end up in the landfill.

Retailers are recognizing that more demand for products with less packaging provides more shelf space to offer more variety of better-packaged goods.

Shops are offering fresh, whole ingredients for delicious dishes that will grace tables at healthy family gatherings.

Chefs are cooking seasonal dishes with local produce.

Using less often leads to more enjoyment.

We surrounded ourselves with warm memories invoked by the decorations we have accumulated over the years and this year’s addition will be equally exquisite and memorable.

Rather than stocking up on vast quantities of cheap trinkets, we are carefully selecting one quality gift that will last.

When it comes time to celebrate, we will enjoy each feast and gathering to the fullest and gently remind ourselves that excessive joy easily burns any extra calories lurking in favorite holiday treats.

When we are filled with happiness, we have plenty to offer those who could use our help.

Sparkles and glitter inspire us to reach out and share the love with our community.

We have discovered the little thrill that comes from using less and having more.

This may be the perfect time to learn Green Monday or get answers to our Magical Self or explore The Art of Self Mastery.

The theme of our holiday is less of what we don’t like and more of what we love.

Where is there room for less in your life?


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