“Who knows whether the gods will add tomorrow to the present hour?” Horace

This week, we are living in today.

I am writing to you from the land of my birth near Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada — more than 10,000km from Hong Kong with less than two people per square kilometer — where I am preparing to attend the funeral of my best friend who became my sister. We met at university in 1981 and stayed close all these years until she suddenly and unexpectedly left our world last Wednesday morning.

In order to get through this easier, I chose to be with the family she invited me into all those years ago so I traveled across space and time to be here. I am taking advantage of 21st century technology to keep in touch with you in the same way it became easier to keep in touch with her in between our summers together.

Kim is the poster child for conscious living. Always one to take care of herself and those around her, she balanced the family home with the family business. She raised her children to be friends with each other. Her home-cooked meals were always fresh and delicious and nutritious. She started her own raised-bed garden a few years ago and embraced the healthy living trend like few others in my life. She became the queen of green juice and started running which she balanced with a regular conscious practice of mindfulness.

In a wonderful example of our small world, her yoga and meditation teacher was a good friend from my high school I have not seen since our last day in 1980.

When Kim’s light went out last week, it was a complete shock and completely devastating for everyone around her. But it is especially unreal for her mom and her husband and her children, including her youngest daughter who delivered their first grandchild a few short weeks ago. I hadn’t seen Kim so excited about anything in a while and she didn’t mind getting excited about life.

This afternoon, we will celebrate her life and tell our favorite stories and we will create new memories as we remember her great laugh, her easy smile, her always-on warmth, her get-shit-done lists and our love.

I write these words now as a reminder that, no matter what life looks like today — good or bad, happy or sad — it could be radically different tomorrow. I have already begun creating new rituals to value my time and honor our friendship: what would Kim do?

Our friends are our family and these relationships flourish as we make time for each other in our packed schedules. We all need someone we can rely on in tough times, knowing they will also be there with a happy dance when there is especially good news.

I urge you to call a friend right now for no good reason and make a date to get together and do nothing at all.

In a city famed for living fast and managing stress by eating and drinking and shopping, we are the fortunate ones. We have this beautiful community of people who share our intention to be our best and support each other to contribute from a place of authenticity. Thanks to our friends at Metta, we have a beautiful venue to gather and celebrate our Fifteen years together on October 22. Drop by to say hi, get a free hug, introduce yourself at our open mike and share your experience and vision for our future.

When we realize there is no tomorrow, our friendships take on a whole new meaning.

What does your today look like?



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“Who knows whether the gods will add tomorrow to the present hour?” Horace

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