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This week we are feeling fresh.

Starting the year with lots of broken links in the email newsletter last week meant starting this week with an apology to our members. I  entered 2016 as a matter of habit and was reminded of when I used to write a lot of cheques with the wrong date at the beginning of the new year.

Habits are tricky. Over time, they are hardwired into our brain and become muscle memory. I recently shifted a few things around in my kitchen and am now finding them in their old space, having unconsciously placed them there. It’s a useful way of seeing just powerful habits can be.

By now, we’ve all had some time to see just how many of our resolutions aren’t going to make it so we are already looking to CNY for a second chance.

For this reason, I prefer setting intentions. They serve as a general guide rather than a list of rules just waiting to be broken and I really love breaking rules.

Instead of eating less sugar, my intention is to keep my fridge stocked with fresh produce so I am ready when the craving arises. This choice informs my shopping habits — a time when I am making choices more consciously.

We’ll be talking more about intentions when our little (but getting bigger) group gathers this Thursday for A Fresh Start.

Events are a great way to connect with our community in the real world and I will consider organizing more if there is interest. To support our members online, I am determined to protect useful contact details from spammers. The first step is setting up private access to event details on the community calendar and you can register here for your online community membership.

My intention with the online community is to make it easier to share information like the appeal for help from Hong Kong Dog Rescue who just received a rental increase of 100% and is looking for new facilities by the end of March or new sponsors to cover the crazy new operating costs. Yes, the new South Island Line has arrived …

While we’re pretty good at public transportation in Hong Kong, air quality is in the news again. While Sunday’s article warned of high health risks in air pollutants coming from mainland China, a report the very next day assured us that this week’s air has nothing to do with the north. I’d love to explore this further and see what we can do to clear up the confusion and clear the air.

In any case, we take this opportunity to remind you of our indoor air quality options, local air pollution action groups and the growing list of conservation volunteers working to protect our country parks that play the vital role of Hong Kong’s lungs.

With every decision having a direct impact, now is the time to clean up our act.

What have you started?



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10 (6-10pm) The Man Who Knew Infinity | Asia Society HK | details

10 (7pm) Meditation for Beginners | Hersha Yoga | details

10 (7:30-9:50pm) Karma | HK Philosophy Café | details

10 (7:30-10:30pm) Films for Change – That Sugar Film | DB Green | details

11 (7-8:30pm) Saving the Elephants and Combating Wildlife Crime | Green Drinks | details

12 (7:15-9pm) Stress & Fatigue Management | Pause HK | details

13 (2:30-5:30pm) Fermenting at Home | Lantau Mama | details

13 (7-9pm) Carignan Wine Tasting | La Cabane Wine Cellar & Bistro | details

12 (7-9pm) A Fresh Start | Connections Unlimited | details

14 (9am-8:30pm) One Love Concert and Pot Luck Dinner | Red Doors Studio | details

14 (10-11am) Talk about Dharma | Luxe Nova Lifestyle Studio | details

14 (2-4pm) Meatfree Late Lunch | Meat Free Hong Kong | details

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Jan 18 Healthy Holiday Desserts

Jan 19 Women in the Environment

Jan 21 Kindness Mats Charity Event

Jan 21 Renew and Rejuvenate through Cleansing and Detox

Jan 20-23 Awakening the Illuminated Heart

Jan 22 Harbourfront Bike Ride for IEC Cycleway

Jan 22 Heal the Ocean

Feb 23-25 LOHAS Expo & Vegetarian Food Asia

Feb 28 Wine Dinner with Yoshiaki Sato

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