Laugh, dance, love

This week, we invite you to laugh, dance and love with the heartbeat community. Make some new connections while you’re having loads of fun and maybe even learning something new …

Dr Louise Porter is back in town with her popular Parenting seminars — this evening she offers A Guidance Approach to Parenting and tomorrow night’s session is Affluenza: Raising Well Adjusted Children of Privilege, a topic that seems especially designed for many in Hong Kong. Tomorrow at lunch, Jacqueline Renee Cohen invites you to Learn to Make Kefir and you can find out more by joining the Healthy Living Hong Kong group on Facebook.

My spiritual teacher is a pipe-carrier in Canada and I find great comfort in the simple yet profound Native American wisdom and you can have your own experience with former Hong Kong resident Daniel Darby who returns with a series of workshops and talks, including a Native American Pipe Ceremony on Wednesday.

It is with great pleasure that we welcome the return of a personal hero, an amazing woman I met the last time she was hosted by the Royal Geographical Society of Hong Kong who hosts An Evening with Dr Jane Goodall on Thursday. If you haven’t yet heard her speak, this is a rare opportunity.

Ruby T Ong is a powerful influence for positive change and this week’s theme at Reflections is love as she hosts Moving Towards Love on Thursday and Falling in Love. If you want to have a healthy relationship with bacteria in your gut, join naturopath Louise Kane Buckley on Saturday for Introduction to Kombucha. We are always excited to hear anyone’s interest in clean tech so it is especially good news to hear that AmCham is hosting a talk next Monday on New Energy in China. It seems fitting to celebrate this news by getting your dance on at 5Rhythms® on Monday evening.

There are a few last minute additions below from the social media stream … take a look.

Have a happy, happy week!

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This week on the heartbeat calendar

November 17 & 18 (6:30-9:30pm) > Parenting
November 18 (12:45-2pm) > Learn to Make Kefir
November 19 (7:30-9:30pm) > Native American Pipe Ceremony
November 20 (7:15-8:45pm) > Moving Towards Love
November 20 (6:30-9pm) > An Evening with Dr Jane Goodall
November 22 (12-6pm) > Falling in Love
November 24 (11am-12pm) > Introduction to Kombucha
November 24 (12-2pm) > New Energy in China
November 24 (7:30-9pm) > 5Rhythms®

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