To the moon

This week, we are not alone.

Watching a leader push too hard and hide a serious illness from everyone around her in order to maintain an image of success feels eerily familiar. There is a lot of talk going around about age and health and stamina but it seems more obvious and simple and straightforward to me.

Moving at full steam ahead for a prolonged period without taking the time to take a breath will eventually catch up with us. Getting right back out there to prove we’re okay is like a default setting for many. It feels much safer than admitting any degree of vulnerability — especially in a world that idolizes youth, brags about busy, worships workaholics and standardizes supermom.

Judgements and criticisms are flying.

We are seeing the long-term costs associated with putting the prize ahead of the present. Even a machine will fail if it does not receive regular maintenance.

Nothing is designed to run at full speed for any length of time without essential pit-stops before coming to a sudden full stop.

During my forced slowdown these the past few weeks, I have taken time to reflect. I am remembering my awakening 15 years ago. I am finding it challenging to establish new habits of self care. Slowing down is one of the most difficult things I have had to do for myself.

As if on cue, the internet went down this morning, slowing me down even further today.

I am grateful for my health. Over the weekend, I connected with a teacher friend who lives on her own and is on a journey with breast cancer. I asked her to write about eating well in Hong Kong. This could be the beginning of something new.

I am inspired by a group of friends taking a distance learning course on Civic Ecology from Cornell University and organizing meet-ups to share their learning. There is a growing number of groups forming around shared values and they are the change.

As I prepare for 54 on Thursday, Meranti is my usual birthday gift from mother nature. Instead of hosting one of my popular parties, I welcome a typhoon break.

This is my time of year and I am excited to see new awareness of old habits with fresh options to celebrate the abundance of harvest and say hello moon this Mid-Autumn Festival. We certainly don’t need to add any more to the high levels of waste prompting a third Fish for Trash. We have plenty of ways to come together and make a difference.

In our desire for connection, it is easy to believe we need to do when all we really need is to reach out and share.

Where do you belong?



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