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“Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better.” Albert Einstein

This week, we are defending our nature.

While sustainability has moved from the boardrooms to the headlines, there is still a huge gap between what is necessary and what is happening.

It is exciting to see UK green investment schemes launched in March generating returns already, but the majority of companies are still doing nothing, paving the way for a Sub-Clime Crisis as they fail to prepare for our future needs.

Locally, farmers are standing up to developers at Ma Po Po Community Farm. Even though more people recognize the health and ecological benefits of local food, growing food has become an act of defiance in Hong Kong.

There is a growing need for balance in our local system.

Having recognized my own need for the balance nature has to offer, I left the heart of the city after 15 years and moved from Soho to a remote fishing village in 2007. I have learned a lot about slowing down from my buffalo neighbors.

The changes began shortly after my arrival.

I can see how the new high-carbon houses replacing traditional houses put a strain on ancient villages without sewage treatment facilities and add to Hong Kong’s growing red tide problem. New arrivals consume far more resources and use loads more chemicals, relying on dishwashers and electric dryers and washing machines in their daily routine. The 2-car household has become the norm, requiring new parking lots, creating dangerous traffic congestion and an increase in accidents with fresh fatalities on highways that were previously dominated by public buses.

Still the developers come — I can easily recognize them by how they look at the property and not the place.

Now, Lantau Island has become ground zero for conservation groups across the territory. While the mega-incinerator is stalled due to the same design flaws that have delayed the HK-Zuhai Bridge, recent approvals for the third runway sound the death knell for Hong Kong’s dolphins whose population has already decreased by more than 50%.

But the most audacious mega development proposal is for a new town in Mui Wo, complete with MTR station and new tourist attractions via 2 reclaimed islands to house up to 700,000 residents connecting to Kennedy town. Local villagers have done their homework and discovered Hong Kong’s population projection does not justify the cost to taxpayers, not to mention our natural environment.

We are reaching a tipping point.

Every weekend, hundreds of thousands of city residents pack trains and ferries and buses to recharge in nature. The quiet environment slows down our mind, rejuvenates our body and lifts our spirit. Commercial developers appear to be stuck on the tourist development track, proposing resource-hungry attractions. Their plans for profit gouge into our natural sanctuaries, destroy existing habitats and replace untouched green space with pay-to-play concrete and plastic atrocities to create an environment that resembles the urban jungle from which everyone deserves an urgently needed affordable break.

If ever a do-nothing plan was required, now is the time.

Yet, local green groups are busier than ever. Hundreds of volunteers are giving their precious time off work and doing their best to raise awareness about the damage already caused and future damage in numerous proposals under consideration in the name of progress.

Yoga studios and teachers are offering outdoor practices. Rooftop and vertical farms are bringing us closer to our food. Startups are copying nature to create innovative designs using cutting-edge technologies. Circuses are releasing elephants from a lifetime of service as entertainment for humans. Restaurants are catering to our growing appetite for local produce. New fishing laws are restoring our marine habitats. People are returning to herbal remedies, the original pharmacy.

Is it in our interest to do nothing?



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“Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better.” Albert Einstein

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