“I believe that thrift is essential to well-ordered living.” John D Rockefeller

This week, our attention is on what we really need.

After many years of trying to convince everyone to cut back, we are in a position were cutbacks have become necessary.

With the SARS-CoV-2  virus in our midst, we are getting practice at shopping for food, preparing home meals, and using up leftovers.

Our consumption habits have been paused, providing plenty of time to consider whether we want the space more than we want new stuff.

Travel restrictions have us turning our attention to ways we can support businesses closer to home and a smaller carbon footprint is a bonus.

An avalanche of information and misinformation and conspiracy theories have us switching off digital and taking some personal time.

Fewer entertainment options inspire creative ways to entertain ourselves and get back in touch with family without the schedules.

Our screens fill with friends and family from everywhere as we organize online gatherings and parties and celebrations.

The hamster wheel will always await when we’re ready to step back on and try out our new skills of slowing down.

We can support our local charities who make it easy to make a difference.

Our 2020 global migration has begun, starting with a new HK directory.

You can help by suggesting a new category or a new listing.

Reserve your print copy and save 50% on the retail price.

Book a listing or display ad by June 30 and save 25%.

Drop me a line to find out more.

Be part of our next chapter.

What is your essential?


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“I believe that thrift is essential to well-ordered living.” John D Rockefeller

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Impact Hong Kong is often asked how to help when you see a homeless person. Take a moment to acknowledge that right now there are hundreds of homeless individuals living outdoors in Hong Kong, frightened and alone and without hope. We are happy to provide an easy option based on our local experience supporting more than 600 homeless individuals every week … get details.

Author: Kinzie

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