Kindness Matters Charity Market

Shop with heart this weekend and support those experiencing homelessness with friendship, food, shelter, education and employment opportunity.

ImpactHK has been given an opportunity to hold a market to raise money that will benefit those experiencing homelessness in Hong Kong. If you’re looking for a great (more…)

City Nature Challenge 2021

Get out, document our local biodiversity and put Hong Kong on the urban nature map.

Contribute to our growing database of biodiversity by taking and uploading local wildlife photos in urban parks, neighbourhoods and countrysides. City Nature Challenge 2019 DATE : 30 April (more…)

Get Redressed Spring Pop-up Shop

Treat yourself and loved ones to pre-loved fashion and accessories for men, women and children from the Redress clothing drive.

Join us and support our campaign to reduce waste in fashion and remember to bring your own bag. With support from our friends, Redress will be popping up (more…)

Climate change and coffee

Explore the impacts of climate change on coffee and discover how we can start our day with a more sustainable coffee habit.

Coffee ecosystems are especially vulnerable to changing climate conditions like rising temperatures and unstable and extreme weather conditions. Join us to explore the impacts of climate change on (more…)

Farmfest 2021

This year’s annual carnival event promoting the local agricultural and fishery industry and their quality products will be held online.

Hong Kong’s Annual Farmer’s Market Now in its 15th year, the aim of Farmfest is to encourage the public to choose local produce. This year’s online event will (more…)