Celebrate CNY with kindness

Impact HK is calling on Hongkongers to show kindness during the Lunar New Year.

When you are out, please consider passing your local street cleaner a red packet with a small financial donation or supermarket voucher to show your gratitude. Print out (more…)

Homeless in Hong Kong

“The more people who know about this situation will result in more people caring and it’s so important that we open up more eyes to the struggles of our neighbours.” Jeff Rotmeyer, Founder, ImpactHK

How many homeless people are there in HK? This is a question we are asked so many times. In order to answer this question, we must first understand (more…)

Disease v Epidemic

We remain vigilant but cautiously optimistic.

by OtandP Healthcare Education and information are key factors in the management of infectious disease. The distinction between the disease and the epidemic is key. During SARS we (more…)


By Shvietta Sethi Today as I look back, I feel a sense of nostalgia for the good old days. The simplicity and the slowness of those days had an endearing quality that we seem to miss in this hyper fast and super connected world.

By Shvietta Sethi I remember speaking with a friend in the late 80’s in my home town of Delhi when 2020 seemed so far away. We wondered what (more…)