“Facebook is inherently viral.” Mark Zuckerberg

This week, our world has gone viral.

Our space is littered with mixed messages.

In 2003 during SARS, most emails were spam.

We installed anti-viral software to protect systems.

We learned about not clicking unsolicited messages.

Frontiers were easy to identify and fortify and protect.

Before social media, we relied a lot on each other for news.

Our experience of SARS-CoV-1 was positive only in terms of lessons.

We were equally vigilant in stopping the spread of germs and misinformation.

Our streets got clean and our buildings got hand sanitizer and windows that open.

The virus left us with healthy habits, healthy markets and a healthy respect for coronaviruses.

SARS 2.0 is a different story with its reduced virility plus exponential transmission rates.

In today’s urge to go viral, SARS-CoV-2 moves quickly around the world just like us.

This upgrade travels faster in an upgraded world that wants spread everything.

Once it arrives, everyone around us gets exposed at the very same time.

Like information, the virus itself is not as important as how we connect.

All viruses hitch rides on anyone not taking the steps for prevention.

Those of us who experienced the SARS 1.0 recovery knows the risks.

It is a different time and today we live in a global community.

Technology is driven by clickbait generating big ad revenues.

Media is designed to keep is clicking for more to feel safe.

Prevention means not spreading any of these infections.

This is one tipping point none of us wants to reach.

Sometimes that’s easy, sometimes not so much.

We’re back at the not-so-much stage.

Let’s change that with good content.

Let’s harness the power of viral.

Let’s end our blind love of viral.

Let’s love each other instead.

I’ll make it easy for all of us.

Do you share the love?


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“Facebook is inherently viral.” Mark Zuckerberg

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