“Recovery begins from the darkest moment.” John Major

This week, we are finding bottom.

The first step is always the biggest step.

It is the time to admit there is a problem.

Our habits are negatively impacting our world.

Humans are gold-medal master procrastinators.

Destructive behaviors continue until acknowledged.

We have mastered the art of the perfect excuse.

At the very last minute, we cram for the exam.

It’s the big problem that get the big attention.

Prevention is not a lucrative business model.

It’s the big solution that gets the big money.

Around us, recovery is the latest big buzz.

It’s time to acknowledge big issues.

Make our way to a better tomorrow.

Slow down and take time to heal.

It is always darkest before dawn.

Take a minute to take a breath.

Explore events and options.

Is it time to recover?


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“Recovery begins from the darkest moment.” John Major

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Author: Kinzie

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