Optimal behavior takes risks that are worthwhile. Robert F Engle

This week, we’re not jumping ahead.

It’s the end of a year we want behind us.

But we don’t want ditch our 2020 insights.

We learned that we really are in this together.

January arrived with whispers echoing our past.

February shared December’s tragedy worldwide.

March kept us inside and rethinking our family life.

April kept us slow, reflecting on the lessons from 2003.

May left us searching for trustworthy health information.

June answered questions about uncertainty with one decision.

July left us trying to figure out essential and navigate the change.

August adventures were local as we balanced desire with respect.

September was a struggle for calm in a long month of farewells.

October reminded us that going viral is not always for the best.

November demanded fresh commitment amidst complacency.

December’s big ask for Santa was for more time with parents.

More than ever, we need to build on the lessons of the past.

We’re not quite ready to smash it up and replace it all.

More people are seeing inside the widening cracks.

Time gives us no room to escape our thoughts.

Accelerated disruption adds costs with gains.

The new or next normal is the now normal.

Our review of yesterday creates tomorrow.

The path forward is more clear than ever.

Our gifts are local, artisanal, handmade.

Our days are more essential, less waste.

Our routines lean toward prevention.

Our mask is our show of solidarity.

Random encounters restore faith.

We serve those with challenges.

We know we are already home.

We are building a new world.

We are here for each other.

We know what is optimal.

How is your 2020 vision?


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“Optimal behavior takes risks that are worthwhile.” Robert F Engle

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